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YouTube has become the pulse of people of all ages. Whether it is for music, informational videos or devotional content, YouTube ensures its audience gets everything. With easy access in more than 100 countries and 80 languages, YouTube is also a great influencing platform. The popularity of YouTube is unparalleled, and if you are a content creator, you can use smart tricks to enhance your reach strategically.

All you need to know about YouTube SEO and how to rank your videos:

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is an effective method that helps you optimise your video or channel to organically achieve a high rank in YouTube’s search results for a related user query. Some of the algorithms that YouTube uses for ranking include the title, description of the content, and how well the content matches the user query. On the same lines, YouTube will top-rank the most relevant videos that have the highest engagement.

How can you rank your videos on YouTube?

If you wish to rank high on video distribution site used by multitudes, you can use the below strategies:

  • Find target keywords:

    Keywords are the main constituent of your high-rank strategy.
  • The first step is to generate a potential list of keywords and then find the most relevant one, around which you will tie your video. To create a list, you can use YouTube’s search suggest a feature, where you will simply write a word and YouTube will generate several search results with a bunch of keywords related to your search query. For example, a stock trading tutorial will have keywords like stock market, stock trading, share market and similar words related to the topic!
  • Additionally, you can sort your YouTube video content page by ‘Most Popular’, and then pick up the title, description and video tag from the most popular and related video. More so, you can find some unique keywords in your YouTube “Traffic Source: YouTube search” analysis.

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  • Name your video with the target keyword:

    The next step to ensure a place on YouTube’s top is to use the target keyword to name your video. YouTube cannot watch your video to know its relevance for your audience. But the platform surely does read your content’s file name and all its codes. So, rename the file with your desired keyword, followed by your video file type.

Example: If your target keyword is “stock trading”, then be sure to make it a part of your title. It could be First-ever Stock Market Trading Experience or 5 Easy Stock Trading Tips.

  • Place the keyword in the title organically:

    The title of your video is a major factor in drawing the audience. If the title appeals to the user, the viewer will watch the video otherwise not. So, ideally, your title should be clear, short (not more than 60 characters) and also, compelling. However, ensure to place the target keyword in the title such that it seems organic.

Example: Place your keyword such that the viewer reads it at first glance. First-ever Stock Trading Experience is more effective than My First-Ever Experience with Stock Market Trading.

  • Optimise your content description:

    Even though Google permits you to have more than 1,000 characters for your video descriptions, try only to limit your description to two to three lines. Overall, your video description should not be more than 100 characters.

Moreover, YouTube only displays the first top-three lines of your description. Always include the main idea in the front and leave the details for the latter part of the description. Also, use hashtags (#) in front of the main keywords or phrases. For example, #stocktrading or #sharemarket. 

  • Place appropriate tags in your video:

    According to YouTube Creator Academy, it is very critical to put appropriate tags for your video content. So, use tags that help YouTube and your audience know about the context and content of the video. This will enable the platform to link your video with similar ones, enhancing the content reach. For a stock trading video guide, the tags could be generic ‘stock trading’, ‘stock market’, ‘Indian stock market’, ‘stock market tips’, ‘share trading tips’, etc., along with specific channel-based keywords.

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  • Categorise your content:

    The next thing that will enable you to rank your video high on YouTube is categorisation. To categorise your video, use your keywords to understand what the audience is looking for in your related search query.

If you categorise your video appropriately, your content will be included in different playlists that serve a variety of audience.

  • Use a thumbnail on the video result link:

    Ultimately, what matters in SEO is the number of clicks and views, so if you wish to garner more clicks, focus on the thumbnail of your video. A thumbnail is the main image your viewers will see while browsing through content on YouTube. Hence, make it as appealing as possible. Use ‘custom thumbnail’ option instead of an auto-generated one for best results.
  • Add subtitles and closed captions:

    Subtitles and closed captions also help you enhance your video ranking on YouTube. For this, you can either upload a text transcript or a precisely -timed subtitle file. Alternatively, you can also insert transcript text for your video, allowing it automatically sync with the content.

Closed captions help people read the content in case they cannot hear it. Hence, ensure your captions are accurate, easy, legible and perfectly timed with your video.

  • Insert cards and end screens to enhance viewership:

    To improve viewership, ensure that the video’s description includes all the links where you want your potential fanbase to go. This could include your social media platforms, other videos, your official website, etc. For example, at the end of a ‘Stock Market Trading Tips’ video, you can add a card to ‘How to Buy Your First Stock?’.

The most important link should be above the ‘Show More’ fold under the video description. You can consider YouTube cards, which is ‘I’ icon on the top right corner of the video.

Additionally, you must pay special attention to your end-screen. Even though the cards and end-screen serve the same purpose, the latter is more visually detailed than the former.


The first 48-hours after you upload your video are the most critical. So, make sure you deploy these optimisation strategies within that time-frame. Also, content is king, but you should also be consistent, and keep your audience engaged with new content from time to time.

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