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Travel blogging has been on the rise over the last decade. As such, blogging has been a part of digital communication since 1994, and over time, it has become more professional and informative. Thus, it is only natural for travellers to turn to travel blogging to keep a record of their adventures and also, their misadventures.

One of the reasons why most bloggers take to travel blogging is because they hope to bag a dream that pays them to travel. However, that doesn’t come easy, and you first need to understand the effort that goes behind it.

A major factor responsible for your success is your followers. Both the number of followers and the kind of followers you have are equally important. If you are looking for travel blogging tips, that will help you rise among the ranks, and become a successful travel blogger, this article will help you understand how.

  • Persistence is key:

Like any other venture, one of the vital factors that ensure a blog’s success is being persistent in your efforts. It starts with following a regular schedule to post your blog. As your audience grows, you will have to keep improving the consistency and quality of your blogs.

Whether you post once a week or twice a month, is up to you. However, it is not realistic to expect your blog to pick up overnight. Remember, all good things take time!

  • Identify your forte:

Given how no two people travel the same way, simply ‘travelling’ cannot be a forte. Figuring this out covers how you travel, if you travel in a group or solo, if you stay at hostels or hotels, and so on.

Once you have identified your travelling style, you will also be able to zero down on your target audience. This will lead to adapting your blogging style to suit your target audience’s taste and comfort. Having a forte will help you build your experience in a certain area, and your readers will begin considering your recommendations.

  • Invest in your blog:

Investing some money in your travel blog can really go a long way in developing it better. And for that, you will need to go professional! This will include hiring designers, SEO auditors, and copy editors to improve the quality of your blog.

It will also help to be a part of communities and attending conferences so that you can keep yourself updated. Moreover, if you plan to generate revenue from your travel blog, you will have to treat it as a business venture and not a hobby.

  • Content is king:

Perhaps “content is king” is the most clichéd advice, but it is true all the same. However, quality content is not just limited to writing interesting travelogues. Here are two other ways to entice and engage your audience:

  • Including Images in Blogs

    – Travel blogs look attractive when there are photos of the locations. They give a personalized look to your blog.
  • Including YouTube Video

    – Adding YouTube link helps people watch your videos in the blog itself.

You could also add interviews, short video bytes from locals, a list of hotels, lesser-known historical sites, or even some travel books to the content. Similarly, mentioning the current events of the city or the upcoming list of festivities will add more depth to your writing.

  • Networking helps you expand:

Reaching out to other travel bloggers can help you live through their experiences, which is great learning in itself. Also, try and connect with people from outside the community. The whole idea behind networking is to make potential working partnerships.

Meeting fellow travellers, of course, has its own set of advantages. By talking to like-minded individuals, you can look at collaborations, or get guest posting opportunities on their blogs.

  • Build a social media strategy:

As fundamental as it sounds, building a social media strategy sometimes gets lost amongst other activities. Your blog should not be restricted to one platform. By having a social media presence on most platforms, you automatically end up increasing your audience size.

Aim to have an active profile on at least two or three of the most popular social networking platforms. It is also convenient to link these accounts to optimize the effort it takes to post your blog!


How to do travel blogging has been a frequently asked question, especially in the last decade. With the increasing number of people travelling, it has provided an opportunity for many travel bloggers to turn their blogs into a full-time job. At the same time, this has increased the amount of competition amongst travel bloggers. But the factor deciding the success of a blogger is their audience. While many internal and external factors can affect the size of your audience, the above-mentioned points will surely help you grow your followers.

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