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Facebook, the social media giant, is known as a powerful business tool amongst marketeers. With more than 60 million business pages and a daily active user base of 1.82 billion, Facebook understands the importance of providing value to its business users. For the very reason, lead generation from Facebook is not restricted to strategies involving paid ads only. Getting leads is a vital part of any company’s sales and marketing team in order to help grow the business. This article will discuss five tips on how to get free leads from Facebook and optimize your business’s social media presence on Facebook.

  • Use Facebook forms

Using forms on Facebook is a great starting point to generate leads from the platform. The perks of a Facebook customized form is that it does not direct your potential customer away from your Facebook page, for any communication to take place.

There are many resources online that can help create a Facebook form, which can then be embedded on your Facebook page. The Facebook form will show up as a tab on your page. The Facebook iFrame application can help you create custom forms for your page.

  • Use blog posts that generate maximum leads 

Posting intriguing and engaging blog posts that have done well on your website, or any other social media platform is another way of generating leads. Keep the topic or title of the blog post interesting for your followers to click and read the blog. In the blog post, place a CTA, ideally near the introduction.

Pro tip: Using anchor text CTAs in the introductions of your blog posts have known to generate more leads from Facebook.

  • Use videos to promote lead generation offer

With the changing Facebook algorithm, there has been a drop in the organic reach, especially since the number of business pages has been increasing with every passing year. However, videos have been an exception to the rule here. Marketers have reported that they continue to see a rise in reach for their Facebook page when posting a video. For the very reason, using videos to introduce and promote your lead-generating content, will get a better outcome, in comparison to other posts. For dual impact, include the verbal CTA at the end of your video, in addition to the text CTA in the video’s description.

  • Add a CTA button on your Facebook page 

As part of its initiative towards value-added features for its business pages, back in 2014, Facebook allowed its users to add a simple call-to-action button on their Facebook pages. This CTA button became a crucial lead generation tactic that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The CTA button helps you drive traffic from your business page on Facebook to your website or lead generation forms. Facebook provides many pre-made button options to choose from, “Sign up”, “Contact us”, “Watch now”, etc. After choosing your button, you can link it to your business website. The button will appear right below your cover photo, to the right..

  • Run a contest

A great way for Facebook lead generation, running a contest or a giveaway can be a fun activity to indulge in, especially for your followers. The takeaway from the entire activity for you is that you have a chance to learn more about your audience. For successful social media content, it is suggested that you keep your communication simple and clear and use attractive images or videos to promote it. Do include a link on your content page, where your followers can fill out a form.

Pro tip: Do go through the Facebook guidelines before running the contest, as they have stringent rules in place due to liability issues.


With a drop in organic reach for business pages on Facebook, most users are now turning to Facebook lead gen ads. While there are many advantages of investing lead gen ads, giving the above-mentioned organic lead gen methods is worth a shot. Try to play around with various techniques to get a sense of what works for your brand and keep evolving your Facebook social media strategy.

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