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The year 2020 has been challenging, to say the least. Lockdowns and quarantine are events that have become a part of almost everyone’s life across the globe. One of the major impacts it had on people is that they started cooking by themselves, instead of depending on takeouts, and hired cooks at home. With the new generation turning to their kitchens with basic cooking skills, influencers with food channels on YouTube enjoyed the tenfold increase of their followers.

Even though YouTube has been the second most visited website on the internet for a while now, the lockdown has had everyone turning to it with renewed interest. This means that there is a huge scope for you to start your own channel and gain a substantial following, especially if you want to start your own YouTube cooking channels. Read ahead for ten effective tips that will support you in your YouTube food channel optimization.

  1. Decide on your niche content:

Deciding on which niche content would you be making videos on, is equivalent to giving your YouTube channel an identity. If for example, you decide to make videos on baking, your followers will keep coming back to you whenever they plan to bake a dish or dessert. Zeroing down on a particular kind of content helps your channel grow faster.

The niche decided does not have to be limited to a particular form of cooking, but can also be about how you portray your content; it could be with a dash of humour, or you could talk about the science behind cooking a particular dish.

  1. Develop a schedule:

Sticking to a pre-decided schedule helps you keep your commitment and drive steady towards creating videos. To top it off, YouTube’s algorithm works better for creators who post their videos often and at a set schedule. Do mention the days your followers can expect your next video. A fixed date keeps them coming back for more. You could also mention the day you release new videos in your YouTube channel information.

  1. Plan your video shoot:

In the initial days, most people just dive in and start shooting their videos. A better way to go about it is to plan your videos. Spend some time and map out the sequence of your shooting, the shots of the food you will take, your script, and the techniques you will share with your followers. This will add a touch of professionalism to your video quality. Also, do not go overboard with buying fancy equipment. Start small and keep investing in technology gradually.

  1. Cater to a global audience:

The internet has successfully brought the world closer. Having said that, each country calculates the measurements differently. Try and mention the measurements in both imperial and metric quantities. Also, in case some of your local raw material is not available globally, suggest alternatives that can be used in their place.

  1. Learn the art of plating food:

On YouTube, the food must look as appetizing as possible. While proper light and equipment is essential, it is equally important to plate the food as aesthetically as possible. Not only should the dishes and the cutlery look pretty but you should also know how to arrange the food on it to make it look inviting.

You can cut vegetables into cute shapes and add them to the dish to form a pattern or sprinkle the spices to add colour to the food. Use herbs to garnish the food and bring the dish to life. See how you can mix and match the colour of the main dish, the garnish and the sauces to create an attractive visual of the food. 

Create a social media strategy:

Post-production work is as important as shooting the video. It includes creating a social media strategy and taking pictures of the final dish, which will be used as a custom thumbnail photo for your YouTube video, as well as the photo used on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. You should also keep a few vertical pictures handy for Pinterest and your blogpost. Now, cross-promotion across at least two to three social media platforms is advised, so plan which ones work best for you.

Influencer marketing platforms such as Angel Amplifiers can help you sharpen your social media skills. It also provides ready-to-use templates, that can save you a lot of time while creating content.

  1. Understand trends:

Understanding trends not only help you remain relevant but also help you come up with new ideas. Trends could be related to seasons, festivals, or challenges going around the internet. How you adopt these trends for your food YouTube channel is what keeps your audience hooked.

  1. Add a personal touch:

Building a personal connection with your audience is what helps you grow as a YouTuber. Simple gestures like, showing your face in the video, replying to comments, and considering their valid suggestions for future video creations, will help establish a bond.

  1. Shake things up:

There will be times when your content might feel monotonous, or you may face a creative block. In times like those, it is best to shake things up a bit. You could collaborate with a fellow YouTuber or brand. You could also make a series of videos around a concept, like ‘Five Popular Brunch Dishes’.  

  1. Sharpen your digital marketing skills:

YouTube, like any other platform, works better for you if you understand digital marketing. Finding the right keywords will help you boost your SEO search results. Learn to study YouTube analytics, as it offers key insights on how your content is being consumed. Understanding how digital marketing works and its correct application can help you reach new heights as a video creator.

Angel Amplifiers provides you with performance metrics and can help figure out the right keywords for each video, making your job easier.


YouTube is one of the oldest video sharing platforms and is known to have over 1.9 billion active users monthly, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. With the rising number of people searching for videos that can teach them how to cook, now is the right time if you are looking to start your YouTube cooking channels.

Remember, to become a success on YouTube, you will need to be skilled in the kitchen, and also be great with social media marketing. The article discusses a few elementary steps that will help you address both concerns, and will help you begin your journey as a cooking master on YouTube.

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