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The world of marketing is consistently evolving. But there is one thing that has consistently risen is the traffic generated by videos. Hence, as a marketer, you just cannot ignore the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. According to the official YouTube Press, people across 100 countries watch more than one billion hours of YouTube videos daily. The astonishing numbers only establish how popular this video channel has become among people of all ages, races and gender. Further, if you establish a good audience on YouTube, you will automatically have a high rank in Google results because Google owns YouTube.

So, if you are a marketer aspiring to connect with millions and more, consider these ten methods to get more YouTube subscribers:

  1. Create consistent and engaging content:

    You can get more subscribers to your channel only if the viewers relate with your content. So, you must create videos that engage your potential fanbase. Moreover, irrespective of whether you are have been active on YouTube for long or just getting started, the idea is to be consistent.
    You should post videos frequently to build a long-term relationship with your viewers. A robust video library offers the viewers more choice and better interest, which can lead to a subscription. Ideally, you can allocate a specific day on which you release your new videos and stick to your timetable. Do not keep the time lag too long because that will give the viewers the impression that the content is more outdated.
    Further, cover relevant and intriguing topics. Use engaging and a more personal language. Most importantly, do not clutter your videos or offer too much information in one. Instead, leave the audience wanting for more. You could do a series of videos on the same topic. 
  2. Optimise your videos:

    It is not enough to only create consistent and engaging content. You must also know how to optimise these videos to reach more people on YouTube. When you optimise your video using the right tactics, your content ranks higher on YouTube, which ultimately increases the chances of channel subscription. You can optimise your videos through various elements like title, description, video, tags, cards, and others.
    • The objective is to find the right target keywords, include the target keyword in your video name and the coding.
    • Further, be sure to place the keyword organically in your video title and optimise your content description by keeping the most relevant information in the first 100 characters.
    • Placing appropriate tags in your video to help the viewer understand what the content is about, is also very helpful to increase subscribers.
    • Never forget to add an appealing custom thumbnail in your video.
    • You can also consider closed captions and subtitles to appeal to a far wider audience, and insert cards and end screens to improve viewership.

    Apart from these tactics, you must categorise your video into a relevant category on YouTube, enabling the platform to link your videos with other like-wise content to enhance reach. Top influencer marketing platform,Angel Amplifiers, assists its influencers in learning the best techniques of business via mediums like web series, training sessions and webinars.

    • Upgrade your YouTube channel:

      The next step you need to take to get more YouTube subscribers is to improve your channel. Firstly, consider creating a YouTube channel trailer. This trailer will essentially inform the viewers about what the channel has to offer. A trailer should hook the audience to your platform and majorly highlight who you are, what is your content about, why is it relevant, and why should the audience wait for more content. The objective is to build curiosity via your channel trailer. So, your trailer should leave the viewer intrigued and asking for more. The next thing is to design an appealing look for your channel. Use appropriate channel keywords, descriptions and channel art. Keep everything short and interesting. Also, remember to place a call-to-action right at the end of your channel description. Lastly, you should always keep your channel organised and non-cluttered. Categorise your videos in sections and playlists, and include them on your homepage.
    • Encourage people to subscribe:

      A good method to increase your YouTube followers is to encourage people to subscribe to your channel. The main idea is to make the process of subscription easy since not all your audience is well-versed with the technicalities. You could use annotations in your content, allowing the viewers to click on a button to subscribe throughout the video. Apart from this, be open about wanting more subscribers. Verbally encourage people to like your videos and follow your channel. Personal ways of connecting with the viewers also prove rewarding.
    • Know what your audience wants:

      You could post all the content you want and still not be able to get enough subscribers because of sheer lack of connecting with the audience. You must produce content that the viewers would like to watch. Ask people what they are interested in, know their questions, their concerns or a particular subject they would like to discuss. You could do a quirky poll for this. If you create videos that your viewers are looking for and value, there is a high chance they will subscribe to your channel in hopes for more.
    • Engage with your viewers:

      No one wants to watch videos that are dull and uninteresting. Hence, it is important to create a connect with the viewers. When you engage with your audience on a personal level, it provides them with a sense of gratification. This, in turn, improves chances of getting more subscriptions. Also, it is good to thank your audience for taking out time to watch the video. However, do not make it a speech. Just simple gratitude is sufficient. Further, entice your audience to comment on your video and also give feedback on the content. Incorporate the feedback in your next video and mention that you did it. Feedback helps your build a wider audience and also get new ideas. Additionally, sometimes, you can do a live session with people and not have a pre-recorded video. The goal is to have variety and reduce mundaneness.
    • Choose a famous influencer:

      Another tactic that works to increase subscribers is to co-partner with an influencer for promotion. According to a report, 40% of people buy an item online because it was promoted by an influencer. So, never underestimate the power of one in bringing you the desired number of subscribers. YouTube influencers can help you establish your audience and a strong reputation. Moreover, it enhances channel awareness. However, be careful to choose an influencer who you resonate with and is particularly of the same or similar genre of content as yours. Locating the right influencer can be challenging. But Angel Broking has simplified the process through the Amplifiers platform. The platform hosts many influencers and also educates them to add more weight to their voice. You can choose the best influencer that matches your requirement, and also become an influencer on the platform for further reach.
    • Assess your competition:

      When it comes to the rising the number of YouTube subscribers and strategically increasing your audience, remember to always evaluate your competitors. Understand their fortes, their interaction strategies, ways to increase viewership, content topics, etc. Moreover, pay specific attention to how they optimise their videos and channel. Check how they get feedback or increase attention span. This will also help you know what you should not do because you found the same unappealing in the competitor’s video.
    • Be interesting:

      There is no way you can get more people to like or subscribe to your channel if you create boring content. The general audience does not want you to read off a script or burden them with information. Informative is good but presentation most critical. Even if your content is informative, your viewers will lose interest if you are just talking. Appear animated, passionate and genuinely interested in sharing the content. Be fun and quirky, and do things out-of-the-box. Talk to the viewers, be open, ask questions and make it all an entertaining watch.
    • Use cross-promotion:

      The trick of the box is to promote your YouTube channel and videos on other popular social media handles. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But could also consider forums and blog discussion panels. Any time you post a new video, promote it everywhere. You can do email marketing or consider established platforms like Amplifiers to enhance your reach.

    In all, conquering YouTube can be slightly intimidating, but sincere hard work and efforts can go a long way in ensuring success. Also, smart associations like with the Angel Broking’ Amplifiers platform can prove significantly rewarding to enhance engagement for the long-run.

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