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Influencer marketing is not the same as being an influencer. It is a type of marketing that relies on influencers to promote your brands’ image to a larger audience. Influencer marketing involves social media marketing and content marketing, but these are not synonymous with influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has changed the way people are buying things. When influencers promote a specific brand, they do so, on the basis of the trust their audience has in them. Research states that about 67% of marketers are engaged in some form of influencer marketing. Brands that have not joined the bandwagon yet are losing visibility in a vast market with tough competition. To ensure you keep up with the trends, you must embrace influencer marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

Read ahead for some easy steps that will work as an influencer marketing guide for your journey as a beginner.

  • Determine your goals:

    Step one should always be to set your goals and target. Once you can clearly define what you wish to achieve out of the campaign, you will also be able to gauge if it was a success. A well laid out plan is vital to achieving your goals. You should also take this time to define your target audience. The target audience can be determined by studying your products and services. Your target audience can help you zero down on a suitable influencer for the campaign.
    The goals may differ for each influencer marketing campaign you launch, but mostly the results revolve around increasing sales, developing a bond with the end customer, generating quality leads, and growing brand awareness. As you may have noticed by now, every point is connected to the other, which is why the first step of determining your goals is so important.
  • Set a budget

    Setting up a budget, and then sticking to it can be a real challenge. To be on the safe side, plan your budget and then add a bit more for the unexpected costs. The lion’s share of your budget may end up being dedicated to the influencers you will hire for the campaign. A part of the unknown cost is compensation. In case anything goes haywire, you may have to pay an indemnification to the party that has suffered. It could be that the influencer’s reputation is harmed because of the product. Or in case the influencer fails to carry out their duty, it could hamper the brand’s reputation. In either scenario, accounting for compensation in your budget will save you a lot of grief later.
  • Find the right influencers

    Finding the right influencer is the main factor that will affect the success of your campaign. The best way to figure out if an influencer is the right fit for your brand is by studying their previous posts and analysing their followers. Their followers should fall under the category of the target audience. Also, their previous posts will help you figure out if they will be able to carry forward your brands’ ethos and message. Before you reach out to your short-listed influencers, figure out if they work well with sponsored content and if they have a good engagement rate. The other factors that should be considered here are the percentage of active followers and the potential they have to create content with a high number of impressions.
  • Trust influencers and their content creation ability

    As part of influencer marketing, you will be actively involved in creating content for the campaign. This content would aim to engage the audience and also spread the brand’ message. However, it is suggested that you limit your involvement in setting up some basic guidelines around the tone and message that is needed for the content.
    Influencers know their followers best and understand how to convey the brand’s message. Instead of attempting to micro-manage their process, support them by providing as much information as possible about the brand and the expectations from the campaign. Let the influencer guide you when it comes to content creation. Influencers love working with brands that provide them with creative freedom and will agree to work with them in the future as well.
  • Effective execution of the campaign

    Once your content has been developed, the next step would be to execute the marketing campaign. While the campaign is live, you would need to communicate regularly with the influencer. This would ensure that any questions or issues that the influencer has are being answered promptly.
    You should also keep an eye on the engagement the social posts made by the influencer for your campaign. If required, make the necessary changes to ensure higher engagement. By doing so, you will be able to adjust your marketing efforts to stay on track and achieve your goals. Make a list of the KPIs and ROIs before the campaign begins, and refer to them every now and then to see if the influencers can deliver on what was promised. This data will help you in your future campaigns.
  • Measure the outcome

    Upon completion of the campaign execution, the final step is to measure the outcome. This can be done by comparing the results with the goals that were set at the beginning of the campaign.
    You can gather the engagement data from the influencer’s posts, and determine the return on investment (ROI) of the campaign. Some basic benchmarks to note would be the leads generated and conversions made. You can also compare the marketing cost of the influencer campaign and other traditional advertisements done in the past. The results will help you determine if the influencer marketing campaign worked for your brand or not.
  • Reward the influencers

    Most influencers earn their livelihood from their campaign collaborations. Hence, providing them with free samples as compensation does not set the right precedent. As per research, influencers would work with the same brand once again if the brand provides them with fair compensation. You could offer them a base amount and top it off with an incentive, based on their performance and the results delivered by them. The topic of compensation should be openly discussed before starting the campaign process.
    An influencer marketing platform such as Angel Amplifiers can assist you in keeping track of the rewards based on the outcome. The platform will also provide performance metrics and help keep track of all the agreements and outcomes.


Influencer marketing is an effective method that has been adapted across brands to achieve better marketing results at a lower cost. Influencer marketing revolves around building bridges between brands and influencers and creating content to promote the brands’ products and services. The main idea behind influencer marketing is to have the influencer create tailor-made content to match the brand’s ethos. This article provides influencer marketing tips to beginners and will help them launch successful campaigns.  


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