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Getting verified on Facebook can be a big deal for your business page. If you see any page with a verified badge on it, that means Facebook has confirmed it as an authentic page.

Facebook has two types of verification badges, blue badge and grey badge. While both the badges showcase authenticity to your followers, they denote different meanings.

The blue badge is awarded to public figures and global brands with a massive following. As per Facebook, these badges are awarded to profiles and pages of well-known personalities or businesses that users often search for, and not every celebrity or brand can earn it.

The grey badge, on the other hand, is given to smaller businesses or organizations.

The advantage of Facebook verified profiles is that they show higher up in the search results, making it easier to attract potential customers. Hence, getting verified on Facebook can boost your business growth. Read on to find out how to get verified on Facebook.

How to get your Facebook page verified?

First things first, even before you can initiate the process of getting verified, you would want your Facebook page to look entirely professional. While Facebook does not have a stringent list of requirements, ensuring that your page appears credible and authentic will help your case. Mentioned below are some steps you can follow to make your page more appealing to Facebook.

  • Keep it professional

    Your Facebook page should be an official representation of your brand. Hence, the content you post on your page should only be related to your brand and nothing else. Personal posts or off-brand logos will dampen your efforts. The content needs to be top-notch. Else it will reflect poorly on your brand.
  • Update your company information

    Keeping your company’s information up to date ensures authenticity. An updated company profile is precisely what Facebook needs for reviewing and verifying your page.
  • Link your website to the page

    By linking your website to your page, you are providing further information on your company. The official website holds a lot of details that can help not only Facebook but also your potential clients to believe in your brand.
  • Provide all relevant details

    The details you fill in your Facebook page’s ‘About Us’ section are vital. Make sure that you carefully fill out all the details and keep them updated. It is a good practice to provide your address or addresses (in case of multiple locations) and active phone numbers. To top it off, sharing your mission statement, a company overview, and links to other social media handles add to the professional look of your page.

How to apply for Facebook verification?

Once your page has all the required details and looks official, it is time to apply for verification. Here’s a step-by-step guide about the process.

  • Go to the ‘Help & Support’ option in the menu and click on the ‘Help Centre’.
  • In the search bar on the top, you can type in ‘Contact form for blue badge’.
  • You will be directed to a page where Facebook has given out guidelines on how you can request for a verified badge and also provided the link to the ‘Contact form’.
  • After going through the suggestions, click on the contact form and fill out all the details with utmost clarity to better your chances.
  • In case of a personal profile, you will have to submit a valid government-issued photo ID. In case it is a business account that you are trying to get verified, you will have to submit documents such as business licenses, tax files, etc.
  • It can take Facebook anywhere between 48 hours to 45 days to revert on your request.

How to get your Facebook profile verified?

Getting your Facebook profile verified is a little different from getting your Facebook page verified. While the requirements for getting the verification are similar, the process itself is a lot trickier.

Usually, the blue tick only gets awarded to people who are celebrities in their own right. To begin with, you will need a lot of followers on your page. The next step would be to complete your Facebook profile details with utmost accuracy.

A convenient option is to convert your personal profile into a brand profile. This will not only help with your verification process but also help you gain more followers.

Once you have ticked off all these points on the checklist, you can apply for verification using the same method as mentioned for getting verification for your page.

Pro Tip: Since it is easier to get your Facebook page verified than your Facebook profile, try making a page for yourself and aim at getting that verified.

What are the benefits of getting verified on Facebook?

Getting verified on Facebook, or for that matter, any other social media platform provides your page credibility and adds to your reputation. This assures your followers and potential customers that your page isn’t fake. They can then freely proceed to shop and engage on your page or profile without any worry.

To add to the benefits, once you get verified, Facebook gives priority to your account or page in their search results. This results in increasing your reach amongst the Facebook community and ultimately in getting more business via social media.

What to do if Facebook rejects your verification request?

‘How to get a blue tick on Facebook’ has been a point of concern for individuals and brands who count on their social media presence to grow their business. What you need to understand that getting the blue tick is a big accomplishment, but not getting it is not the end of your social media journey. In case Facebook rejects your claim for verification, you can revisit your profile and work towards making it better. You must include as much information as possible. Also, getting more followers, better reviews, and mentions will boost your chances.

You can reapply for verification after 30 days and even reach out to Facebook for feedback on why your verification was rejected. Until then, keep working on posting great quality content with consistency. This will invariably also help you boost your Facebook marketing efforts and online presence.


There are many suggestions available on how to verify Facebook account. But the only thing that matters is how you present your account and what you aim to achieve post verification. Theoretically, Facebook verification can be granted to anyone. But, in reality, it is given to a select few profiles and pages to ensure that the blue tick’s prestige is maintained. While getting verification for your business page might be simpler, obtaining it for your personal profile can be much tougher.  

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