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The success of a YouTuber is gauged by the number of likes their videos receive, and the number of subscribers they have. Now for many video content creators, one of the biggest challenges is getting their audience to subscribe to their channel. You may be getting a lot of likes and recognition for your videos, but may not be seeing a relative increase in the number of subscribers to your channel.

This article will discuss how you can turn your YouTube viewers into subscribers and ultimately, convert your YouTube subscribers into leads.

  • Ask your audience to subscribe to your channel


The easiest way to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel is to ask them. You may have noticed your favourite YouTubers doing the same. At the end of each video, they insert a CTA button on their video, and point towards it, asking their viewers to “Like and Subscribe”.

Try and make your request sound as casual as possible. Do mention details as to why and how they should subscribe to your channel. You can mention that if your viewers become your subscribers, they will be notified whenever you upload any new content and that they can subscribe to your channel by clicking on the “Subscribe” button.

  • Create relatable and worthy content.

As obvious as it may sound, but to gain more viewers and subscribers, you need to create content that is worthy of your followers’ time. Take your time to make the videos, but do ensure that the content does not suffer because of a deadline or lack of inspiration. Deciding on a niche really helps in gaining subscribers because you are seen as an industry expert for your domain. Also, you could try and shake things up a bit when you hit a mental roadblock. Collaborate with other YouTubers, or try your hand at a trend that is taking YouTube by storm.

The other factor that will help you gain YouTube subscribers is being consistent in posting your videos. Create a schedule and inform your followers of the same. This way, they know when to expect the next video from you.

  • Optimize your videos

SEO optimization works for YouTube, as much as it works for any other social media platform. Using appropriate keywords in your description and video title can boost the visibility of the video online. The same concept applies to your YouTube channel and the name of the channel as well. SEO optimization directly impacts your efforts to help increase YouTube subscribers.

However, a word of caution, avoid using spam tactics such as filling the hidden description with keywords lists, that may not even be related to your video. Such strategies can backfire and earn you a penalty from YouTube.

  • Utilize annotations

The clickable buttons on the top of the videos, while it is playing are called annotations. Prompting your viewers to “Subscribe” or “Follow” by using annotations is proven to work. You could also use them to relay simple messages to your viewers, such as updated information, or any other CTA as per the requirement of the video.

While annotations are a useful tool, they should be used sparingly. Using them infrequently will increase their impact on your viewer. Try to avoid full-screen slides on your videos, unless necessary.

  • Customize your ad placements

You may know about YouTube monetization, a feature by YouTube that lets you place sponsored ads in your video to earn money from the impressions it garners. By default, these ads are usually displayed wherever YouTube decides to display them during your video’s runtime. Now, with a bit of workaround, you can change what the ad displays and customize it as per your channel.

You can achieve this by creating a Google Adword account and then begin displaying your customized ads on your videos, using YouTube promoted videos template. This method will allow you to control the content displayed in your video ads, by simply making and Adwords investment once.

However, the catch is that you will no longer make money from the YouTube sponsored ads. If this technique helps you turn YouTube subscribers into leads, you should definitely go for it. Nevertheless, if you are earning more from the YouTube Partner Program, avoid taking up this option.

  • Promote lead magnet in the end screen

Lead magnets are free items or services that are given away to people to create a contact database, to use as a target audience in the future. The same database can be used to send promotional content for items or services that are related to the lead magnet.

If you have created a lead magnet, you can place a link in the end screen that would direct your viewers to the lead magnet. To double your efforts, you could also place the link to the landing page of the lead magnet in the video description.

As a precaution, use the links in the end screens sparingly, because if you often direct your viewers to another website from YouTube, then the YouTube algorithm will stop suggesting your video to its users.


YouTube has turned into more than a website meant for sharing videos online. Many brands and influencers are now using it as a marketing platform to expand their business. That means, for YouTube to become a successful marketing tool for these companies, they need to be able to turn their viewers into subscribers and ultimately, leads.

The article mentions a few easy steps that can help you convert you gain YouTube subscribers and turn YouTube subscribers into leads.


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