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89% of marketers consider Instagram the most crucial social media influencer marketing channel1. To promote such collaborations between brands and influencers, this social platform introduced Instagram branded content ads. 

How is this branded content Instagram has rolled out different from sponsored posts? And how can you create and manage your branded content posts? Here’s a brief rundown.

What is this branded content ads Instagram has introduced? 

With branded content ads, advertisers can display your posts to those people who are neither yours nor the brand’s followers. Thus, it helps businesses deliver their message to wider yet relevant audiences, leveraging your credibility to lend an authentic voice to the adverts. 

Instagram’s organic reach has been shrinking since the beginning of 20192. But the branded content Instagram has introduced helps businesses reach target audiences organically. Thus they can achieve higher engagement rates. 

As an influencer, this feature helps you gain higher visibility and grow your follower base. The “Paid Partnership” disclaimer shown on the content maintains advertisement transparency, keeping your reliability intact. 

Moreover, brands can measure the impact of such branded content ads that Instagram now permits. They can optimize the metrics to match their campaign objectives, including video views and post engagement, and achieve higher ROIs. 

How to get started with Instagram branded content Ads?

Both your business partner and you, the content creator, have to configure your account settings to start creating these ads. 

First, you must enable the “Allow Business Partner to Promote” option from the “Advanced Settings” of your Creator profile.

Then your business partner can use your post as an ad. But first, they must approve your tag requests through the following steps:

1. From the “Business Settings” on their Business accounts, they have to click on “Branded Content.” 

2. Ensuring that the “Require Approvals” toggle is on, they must add your Instagram handle to the “Approved Accounts” section.

How to set up Instagram branded content ads?

  • From your Creator profile, select the content you want to post.
  • Before tapping Next and sharing, select “Advanced Settings.”
  • Tap “Tag Business Partner.” 
  • Select the brand’s account to add the Branded Content tag to your post. 

If you want to use an existing post as branded content ads, Instagram lets you do that.

  • Navigate to your post.
  • Select “Edit” followed by “Add partner.”
  • Tap on “Tag Business Partner.”
  • Select the brand’s account.
  • From the Branded Content Partner Permissions section set the “Allow Business Partner to Promote” button to “on.”

The company can now create organic, branded content Instagram ads. They can see a new campaign goal in their Ads Manager called “Brand Awareness Objective (BAO)”. 

The advertiser has to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select “Use existing post” under Ad Set.
  • Click on your post under their Branded Content tab.
  • Tap Confirm and start advertising.
    • What you should remember when you create Instagram branded content Ads

      • You cannot edit or delete your post or toggle off the allow promotion option while the campaign is active.
      • After tagging your business partner, you cannot promote your Instagram post to Facebook automatically.
      • You cannot view any ad performance metrics.

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