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Instagram over the last couple of years has become the go-to platform for business, both big and small. With over 500 million users viewing the Instagram stories daily, the opportunity for sellers and buyers to connect on Instagram has increased ten-fold. All these numbers point to one fact that Instagram is much more than a photo and video sharing platform.

This article will discuss eight tips that will answer all your questions on how to sell products on Instagram.

  • Enhance your Instagram business account

Your Instagram profile is equivalent to your product’s homepage, with more people checking out the platform over a Google search. For the very reason, you should spend the same amount of time and effort in curating your Instagram profile, as you would for your website.

Start with writing a great bio, as it is the first communication a visitor will come across and will set the tone of your brand. Next comes the profile photo, which is the first photo that the viewers will have as a reference. Finally, adding a CTA link in your bio gives your potential customers an actionable next step to follow. The CTA link could lead them to your website, or a registration page.

  • Invest in Instagram ads

As per Retail Touchpoints, as many as 72% of the users purchased a product via Instagram upon seeing an ad on the platform. With heightened competition on Instagram, adding the Instagram ads in your marketing strategy has become vital. A well-executed ad campaign can give you an attractive ROI on your investment, which removes the doubt of if it’s worth your time and effort.

  • Use product links in Instagram stories

To use the “swipe up” feature on your Instagram stories, you need at least 10,000 followers on your profile. While the feature is useful to direct your audience to the desired page or website, the lack of it is not a deterrent for the effect. The simple solution for this problem is to mention the account handle on the story. While it may be a longer route, it will provide you with similar end results.

  • Create a shoppable Instagram feed

Eligible business accounts on Instagram are provided with the feature to tag their products on the post. The tag mentions the product name and the cost. The user can click on the tag, and it will direct them to a page with more details about the product. The feature is a great win for both businesses and end-users.

  • Partner with Instagram influencers

Collaborations with Instagram influencers has proved to be a somewhat better marketing strategy, as these influencers have a loyal and established group of followers. Influencers are known for partnering up with brands they believe in, making it easier for their followers to invest in the brand. Based on your brand, you could choose to work with a few famous influencers, or even multiple smaller influencers with a niche following. Just remember to collaborate with someone who can resonate your brand ethos.

  • Offer exclusive promotions on Instagram

By creating offers that are solely for your Instagram users, you create a funnel for sales. Not only do you make your followers on Instagram feel special about the exclusive promotions, but it also helps you attract new followers.

  • Launch giveaways on Instagram

Launching a giveaway or contest on Instagram can help boost your brand presence on the platform. It can also lead to an increase in overall conversions.

Pro tip: Ensure that you abide by the promotion guidelines on Instagram.

  • Nail the caption

The captions you add in your posts are an important part of your communication. It could be used to tell a story to your followers or showcase the quirky side to your brand. Whatever style you opt to go for, try to create a connection with your followers using the caption.


In the last couple of years, many businesses have benefited from using Instagram as a platform to sell their products and services. Not only has it helped them gain recognition but has especially helped small businesses overcome geographical boundaries. Given how the Instagram landscape keeps on changing with its changing algorithm, the tips mentioned in the article will help answer your questions on “how to sell on Instagram”.

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