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YouTube is one of the oldest video-sharing websites. It has over 1.9 billion active users per month, making it the second most visited website on the internet. These high numbers make YouTube an essential platform for promoting your business or brand. Not only will YouTube help you establish your brand, but will also help you gain a new audience.

With the rise of YouTube’s popularity, the amount of competition amongst YouTubers has also increased tenfold.

If you are new to YouTube or have been struggling to promote your channel to a bigger audience, read ahead for some sure shot tips on how to promote your YouTube channel and boost your popularity.  

1. Write concise and compelling video titles.

The title of your YouTube video is the first thing that the viewer will see. By writing concise titles, that are self-explanatory, you are increasing the chances of the viewer to click on the link of your video. Additionally, writing compelling titles that bring a sense of excitement, or fascination about the video also increases the chances of the user clicking on the video link.

2. Choose SEO-friendly keywords.

A significant factor impacting the promotion of your YouTube channel is the SEO results and search ranking. Users do not search for videos only on YouTube but use their selected keywords in the Google search bar as well. To ensure that your video ranks high in the search for related videos, you must use SEO-friendly keywords. Small changes to your video title can make all the difference. Also, you can identify apt keywords with the use of tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner.

3. Complete your YouTube channel profile.

Your YouTube profile, in a way, is your introduction to your followers. It is the easiest way to promote your channel and boost your SEO results. This makes your profile section as crucial as the content you create. Try and fill it with all the details with utmost sincerity. Begin with a brief introduction of your channel and include goals and the purpose of the channel. Your profile should reflect the expectations the users should have from your videos.

4. Create custom thumbnails.

According to science, humans tend to notice visuals first, which is why creating custom thumbnails for each of your videos can leave a more profound impact on the viewer. If you do not make your own thumbnail, YouTube’s algorithm will pick up any random shot from your video, which might backfire due to it being a blurry image.

Creating a custom thumbnail makes your videos look professional, and brings a sense of symmetry across your profile. You could use a pre-decided template from certain influencer platforms such as Angel Amplifiers, to lessen your workload.

5. Create high-quality videos.

It may come across as a basic tip, but when you present high-quality videos, it changes the way your audience perceives your channel. A few simple things you can do to ensure the quality of your videos is to use a good camera to shoot your videos and cross-check if your audio is clear or not. Apart from this, invest some time in pre-production and post-production work. Get a good editing app for a clean finish.

6. Interact with your followers.

Real engagement with your followers starts once you have posted your video. The secret behind the success of famous YouTubers is that they take out the time and interact with their followers. It could be merely to reply to their comments or liking your favourite comments by your followers. This extra effort makes you more real to your followers and establishes a bond.

Apart from your followers, you can also try and increase your presence in the YouTube community. Follow other YouTubers that interest you. If you would regularly comment or like their videos, and interact with them, you would also be gaining some amount of exposure from their followers.

7. Cross-promote your YouTube channel.

Use the basics of social media marketing to promote YouTube channel. Cross-promotion links all your content from one platform to another. By doing so, you are increasing your viewership and potential followers. Include your videos in your newsletters or blog posts to make them more holistic.

8. Understand and follow community guidelines.

YouTube has established stringent community guidelines to contain the rise of inappropriate content being posted daily. YouTube will flag any content of sexual nature, misleading information, child abuse, hateful language, or promotion of terrorism. Avoid creating videos that might disregard the YouTube community guidelines to maintain a clean profile.

9. Collaborate with brands.

Brand collaboration can help expand your viewership. It also enables you to create some fresh content, especially when you are short of ideas. However, one thing you should be careful of is losing your authenticity when collaborating with a brand. You should work with a brand that shares the same belief system as you, and caters to similar audience expectations. Inauthentic videos can hamper your image as a YouTuber, and hence should be avoided.

10. Create videos in series.

Being consistent with your work guarantees success. When you create a series for your videos instead of one single video on a topic, you are ensuring that your followers will keep coming back for more. The same logic will keep you motivated to post at a scheduled time and day.

A series should either be on the same topic or follow a recurrent theme. Try and come up with an exciting name for the video series. Additionally, ensure that the result looks similar. You could either use a pre-determined template or similarly edit them.


Billions of users watch videos on YouTube every month and consume up to 6 hours’ worth of video content daily. However, there are over 23 million YouTube channels as of date, each competing to rise to the top. This is when the question of how to promote YouTube channel comes up. Like any other social media platform, the secret to success lies in being consistent, innovative, and dedicated towards video content generation and your YouTube channel.

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The platform is very user-friendly and introduces influencers to their peers, which helps increase their scope of growth. You can download the app on your desktop, as well as on mobile via Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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