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One of the oldest video sharing platforms, YouTube, recently overtook Facebook as the second most visited website on the internet. As of today, YouTube has more than 1.9 billion active users per month. These astounding numbers make YouTube a platform with high potential for businesses. Brands are flooding the space with an urgency to create video content to appeal to their target audience and convert potential customers. YouTube is also used by a lot of individuals to establish themselves as influencers. With such a large user base, anyone can gain a massive following by establishing themselves in a niche segment.

However, the flip side to this boom in video content creation has led to a lot of competition amongst YouTubers. This article discusses how to promote YouTube channels to gain recognition amongst your followers.

Read ahead to know about some smart and fundamental points on YouTube channel promotion.

  • Write self-explanatory and compelling titles

    :The first thing that draws a YouTube user to watch your video is the title you use. By using a self-explanatory title that describes the content your video holds, the chances of the video being watched increase. Similarly, videos with compelling titles that create excitement or intrigue in the users are more likely to be viewed. Other key points to remember when writing the video titles are including SEO keywords and keeping the title concise.
  • Complete your YouTube channel description:
    The description that you write out for your YouTube channel becomes a point of reference for your potential followers. Most YouTubers skip out on filling their profile section, or do the job half-heartedly, not realizing the importance it holds.
    In your channel’s description, begin with a brief introduction of the channel. Include goals, the purpose of the channel, and what can the viewers expect from the videos. Including keywords in your description is a great way to boost your SEO results.
  • Create custom thumbnails:
    Creating a custom thumbnail for your YouTube channel is one of the most efficient methods of grabbing the user’s attention. If you do not select a thumbnail for your video, Youtube will pick up a thumbnail by default that may be a blurry shot of a transition. This can be a big deterrent in grabbing viewers.

Creating a thumbnail for your videos will bring a sense of professionalism and make it appealing to your viewers as well. Thumbnails can be created easily using a pre-decided template that will make your YouTube page look consistent.

  • Create high-quality videos

    As obvious as it may sound, creating high-quality videos for your YouTube channel can change how your videos are perceived. Even the best content can be disliked if the video lacks quality. A few simple ways to ensure the quality of the video is to use a decent camera, ensure that the audio is clear, and invest in some post-production editing apps for a clean finish.
  • Active community engagement

    :To increase the engagement on your YouTube channel, you will have to initiate the conversation beyond the videos you post. The rise of the most successful YouTubers can be associated with the regular interaction they have with their fans. Followers reciprocate the interest shown by the YouTuber on their channel. You can use analytics to identify your top followers and go the extra mile for them. While YouTube may not be viewed as a typical social media platform, the YouTube community is as engaging as any other platform via their likes and comments.
  • Cross-promote your videos

    :The basics of social media state that cross-promotion of your content across all your social media platforms helps increase the viewership. Including your videos in your blog posts, newsletters, or email marketing are a few unconventional methods. Cross-promotion also helps reuse your older video content.
  • Contest or giveaway

    :One thing that everyone enjoys is a chance to win a free prize from a contest or giveaway. The strategy works well across all social media platforms, especially YouTube. Hosting a contest or giveaway can encourage users to subscribe to your YouTube channel and engage on the content you post.

However, one should be careful from hosting frequent contests. This could lead to you gaining followers simply for the free handouts they receive from your channel, resulting in a waste of time and resources. It is ideal if you analyze your subscriber drop-off rate after wrapping up the contest. 

  • Follow community guidelines

    :With the rise in inappropriate content being posted daily, YouTube is creating stringent community guidelines to ensure the smooth operation of the platform. The rise in underage users is another reason for the active tracking of inappropriate content being posted online. Any content having sexual content, misleading information, hateful language, child abuse, or any promotion of terrorism will get flagged on YouTube. So, do not post anything that does not comply with these guidelines. In addition to this, keep referring to community guidelines for clarity.
  • Create videos in a series

    :A sure-shot way to ensure a rise in the number of subscribers is being consistent with your videos. Aim to post videos on a scheduled day and time to keep your viewers hooked on to your channel. An ideal way of ensuring that you are disciplined about doing the same is to create a number of videos as part of a series. A series should follow a recurrent theme or cover the same topic.

Coming up with a captivating title for the series can be a good way to start. You could also create a separate custom thumbnail for each video that will be a part of this series.

  • Collaborate with other YouTubers:

    Collaborations with other YouTubers or brands can help expand your reach. Such a change can also assist you and your brand partner in creating new and different kinds of content. The key to a successful brand partnership is finding someone who identifies with your beliefs, personality, and audience expectations. Authentic content generated from such collaborations can be beneficial for both parties.
  • Request viewer engagement:

    Last but one of the most fundamental points is to request your viewers to engage on your channel. The standard line used by most YouTube influencers, “Remember to like, share, and subscribe” is a motto you should adapt as well. Requesting your viewers to engage is vital because not everyone who enjoyed your video will like it. Similarly, a viewer may hit like on your videos but may choose not to subscribe to your channel. There is no shame in asking someone to support your endeavours. Do share a link on your video that acts as a CTA for them to watch other videos made by you or direct them to your channel for higher engagement rate.


As per research, an individual ends up spending 6 hours in a day watching videos. This rise in video consumption has given way to a lot of upcoming YouTubers to make their mark. In an attempt to take advantage of the current demand for new videos, there are many YouTube marketing tactics you can make use of. Consistency, innovation, and the dedication towards your videos and YouTube channel will be the factors that truly help you grow as a YouTuber.

To find support beyond the above-mentioned promotional tips, you can always use the assistance of professional influencer platforms like Angle amplifiers. Their readily available templates will help you create customized thumbnails. The platform will also help you promote YouTube videos and provide analytics via the performance metrics on the platform. The influencer platform is very user friendly and has an impressive content library. You can make use of the desktop version or download the mobile app from Google Play Store and iOS App store.

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