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Since 2012, when Facebook bought Instagram, there have been some slow and steady changes to its algorithm, which has now made it much more than a photo and video sharing platform. In the last couple of years, Instagram has become a great place for brands to do their business. As a cherry on the top, Instagram users are equally inclined towards engaging and buying from brands they discover on Instagram. However, most brands, especially small local businesses, have a common question of “How to advertise on Instagram for free?” This article will discuss a few pointers that can be adopted by your brand to grow their business on Instagram, without sending a penny on ads.

  • Create an Instagram business account

To begin with, create a business account for your brand on Instagram. In case you already have a personal-use account for your business on the platform, switch it to a business profile. By doing so, you will gain access to Instagram insights, which will share all essential data regarding your posts and followers. Additionally, you will also be able to add a contact button on your profile, which will allow potential customers to directly contact you. Finally, your business industry will reflect on your profile which will provide more details about your brand to your followers.

  • Complete your brand profile

An incomplete Instagram profile is a major setback for your brand image. Not only does it come off as unprofessional, but it can also make your potential customers think of your brand page as an imposter profile. A complete business profile should include a profile picture and a great Instagram bio. Your Instagram bio is the first point of communication for any visitors, which makes it all the more important. Try to add a CTA link to your website or a registration page at the end of your bio.

  • Cross-promote your Instagram account

Cross-promoting your Instagram account creates a holistic buzz across all digital platforms. It creates synergy through a consistent content strategy that resonates with your followers. You can cross-promote your account via your marketing emails, other social media platforms, and on your website. By doing so, you shall be able to reach out to a larger audience and employ digital marketing skills to boost your business profile.  

  • Build a community for your followers

Building a community for your followers will take time. Start small and request your family and friends to help you with the initial engagement. Genuine engagement goes a long way, especially for smaller businesses. Take a proactive stance when it comes to communicating with your followers. Another great way ahead is to use user-generated content. User-generated content is mainly using promotional content posted by your users to boost your engagement. You can share their photos on your feed, which will also work as a validation of your products to your potential buyers. Most of the time, user-generated content occurs organically. Otherwise, you can also host contests or some activities to encourage your followers to share their photos with your products.

  • Engage with Instagram influencers

Collaborating with an influencer can automatically boost your reach. However, if you cannot afford a collaboration, even engaging with influencers on their profile can provide you with ample exposure. Do not restrict yourself to simply leaving a comment on their posts but go beyond that and share their posts in your stories. Interacting with influencers also keeps you updated about the industry information and latest trends.

  • Use the Instagram features for your advantage

Instagram provides its users with many features to promote their content and profiles. With over 500 million people viewing Instagram stories daily, you can target a large portion of your viewers by posting relatable content on it every day. As the next step, do explore Instagram story highlights that work as an album to the stories you have published. The highlights work well for new users, who may have missed out on your older stories. These highlights could be of client testimonials, product reviews or Q&As. Finally, you can use IGTV and Reels to post video content about your brand on your profile.


Instagram is a great platform for business owners to promote their brands. Even though the new algorithm works better for brands with budgets for placing ads on the platform, it is possible to generate engagement on your brand’s Instagram profile without having to pay for it. The article has discussed some points that will help you answer your questions on “How to promote business on Instagram?”.

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