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In the last decade, travel blogging has seen a constant rise. Some people take it up to document their extensive travels, while others turn it into a profession. Many people who are starting on their journey as a travel blogger often wonder about how travel bloggers make money. No two answers from travel bloggers have ever been the same. However, based on trends from the last few years, there are a few things you can do to ensure a constant source of income, and continue funding your travels.

How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger?

  • Affiliate marketing

The primary source of income for most travel bloggers is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a set-up between the company and the individual marketing the company’s products, wherein every time a product is bought via the link shared by the individual, they get a small commission on the product sold. Many companies are now working with this marketing model, which makes your job of finding a partner a lot easier. However, most travel bloggers advise that you should only recommend products that you believe in; otherwise, you will not be able to promote it to your audience, making the complete process moot.

  • Place ads

You can work with companies like Google AdSense to place ads on your blog posts. The amount of money you can earn from these ads mainly depends on how much traffic your blog gets. It is a simple formula, the more the traffic, the more the earnings. While some members of your audience might have an issue with seeing ads, it is a necessary evil. Once you have a steady flow of traffic on your blog, you can move to premium sites that pay a lot more than Google AdSense. Generating income by placing ads on your blog provides you with the freedom to grow your blog without having to worry about money or spending a majority of your time by figuring out other means to earn money.

  • Travel planning

When you develop a name for yourself as a <a href=”https://amplifiers.angelbroking.com/blog/how-to-start-travel-blogging-ultimate-guide-for-travel-blogging/”>travel blogger</a>, many people will reach out to you requesting suggestions to plan their trips. While it is nice if you take out the time to answer some of their questions, for the more extensive support and guidance, you can always offer your services as a travel planner. In addition to working with individuals who reach out to you directly, you can also work with a travel agency on a commission basis. Every time you suggest the travel agency to one of your followers, you can receive a commission from the agency upon successful conversion. This option to make money allows you to use your expertise, and yet leaves you with ample time to dedicate to your blog.

  • Consulting

As a travel blogger, you would need two basic skills to run your blog – writing and digital marketing. Both these skills are in high demand by many companies, both big and small. You can reach out to these companies and work as a consultant for them, or if time allows, even offer to run their bogs for them. Apart from companies, there are many platforms where you can sign-up for freelance work. You can take up projects as and when your schedule allows. Finally, you can also reach out to companies or other blogs and work as a virtual assistant. The final option can be a game-changer if you are a beginner, as you get to learn a lot on the job.

Summing Up

How do travel bloggers make money? This question has been resonating across the blogging industry, and beyond. Leading travel blogs combine the pre-existing skills for writing, digital marketing, SEO and social media management, among one of the options. Other options include working as a consultant or virtual assistant for other blogging agencies. However, one of the best options is working with travel agencies on a commission basis, to plan out itineraries for other travel enthusiasts, who can benefit from your expertise.


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