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The one thing that connects everyone across the globe is food. And therefore, it is not surprising to see the huge number of food-related accounts on Instagram. Given how much of the global population is present on this social networking site, you, as a budding food blogger are not likely to have a dearth of an audience there!

But since most existing food pages on Instagram are already a rage, you will have to work extra hard to build a name and following for your food Instagram page. This article discusses the nuances involved in growing your account, and make it stand out from the others. Read ahead to know more.

  • Turn your account into a business account.

Once you are a business page, you will be able to access the analytical data you otherwise would miss out on. Instagram insights has data about your followers. It shares with you the demographics on their gender, age, geographic location, and the time and day they are most active. These details can help you understand your followers better and tweak your social media plan to grow your page.

Additionally, you can also to add a contact button that links to your official email, which makes it easier for genuine collaborators can easily get in touch.

  • Decide on your niche food style.

Individuality is key. Commit to covering a particular type of cuisine or style of cooking that intrigues you. Your followers will know what to expect out of your food account and will turn to you for your expertise on it. In a way, picking a niche will also help make your job as a food blogger easier. You will know your strengths and how to portray your content best.

  • Focus on your food photo

Given how Instagram is a visual-centric platform, that thrives on photographs, you must ensure your food photos look great. Invest your time in learning some photography and editing skills.

You could also use the services provided by influencer marketing platforms. These platforms share ready to use templates with their users. This helps you create professional-looking posts while saving your time.

  • Understand trends in the food industry

As a food blogger on social media, you should be able to gauge the upcoming trends and also follow them to stay relevant. Following trends is not a bad idea because sometimes it helps shake things up, and create new content.

Trends could be related to festivals, seasons, or challenges. For example, a food delivery app or restaurant-rating app may run competitions for food bloggers. Or there is a new restaurant opening up in your city, and as a food blogger, it will be great if you are one of the first few to review it.

How you take on the trend is unique to you and is what your followers will appreciate.

  • Strengthen your hashtag game

Hashtags are meant to tag photos on Instagram, which makes it possible for the users to find them easily. Using the right hashtags on your food photos can rope in new followers, and possibly even help your post trend on Instagram.

There are three types of hashtags – ones that will increase your viewership (#foodblogger #foodie #foodlover), those which are related to niche topics (#bakinglove #italiancuisine #foodreview) and finally, the ones that are unique to your page (#mumbaifoodblog #mycookingdiaries #10days10dishes).

These will not only help your followers find your posts but will also attract potential followers.

  • Create a schedule and plan for your posts

Your persistency will keep you followers hooked to your content. When you have a pre-decided schedule in place, your followers can count on coming across your post on that particular day or time.

Plan and post your content when your audience is most active. Not only will you see more engagement, but also, the Instagram algorithm will channelise the growing attention on your posts to make it more visible on related searches as well.

Summing it up

Being a food blogger on Instagram can be a very wholesome experience. You get to cover a topic that is loved by many. While there is no shortage of food lovers on Instagram, growing your food Instagram page may still be a challenge. Follow the steps mentioned above to grow your food Instagram page.

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