Who are social media influencers?

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Social media influencers are people who have built a reputation for themselves based on their knowledge and expertise in their industry. They have been successful in creating a strong bond of trust with their followers by sharing their insight regularly via social posts. They enjoy a loyal following by their audience who actively engage on their posts. Influencers are also known to have the power to affect the purchase decisions of their viewers.

Social media influencers are not limited to celebrities. Over the last decade, there has been a rise of key opinion leaders, such as journalists, academicians, professional advisors, and industry consultants who have created a name for themselves in the virtual world.

However, it is important to understand that the number of followers does not determine if an individual is an influencer or not. The deciding factor is the rate of engagement and call to action on an individual’s social posts. A person with as low as 1000 followers can be an influencer if their audience wholly accepts them as one.

How is LinkedIn different from other social media platforms?

What sets LinkedIn apart from almost all other social media platforms, is that it was specifically made for businesses and professionals. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn focuses on jobs and networking. As per researchers, 80% of B2B leads are generated on LinkedIn, which is much higher than any other platforms. Having said this, LinkedIn is a lot tougher to crack in terms of social marketing. This is mainly because the way you communicate on LinkedIn is the same way you would communicate in a professional set up. This changes the narrative completely.

Nicholas Thompson, the editor-in-chief of Wired, describes LinkedIn as a more traditional platform where unorthodox views are not received well. The platform aims to connect professionals of the world and make them more productive and successful. This comes as a challenge to most, making the segment of people who can become LinkedIn influencers a very small and elite group of people.

How to become an influencer on LinkedIn?

Becoming an influencer on LinkedIn is slightly different than other platforms. LinkedIn influencers are invited by LinkedIn management themselves to join an elite group of people. These people range from change makes, to innovators. In a world where ‘seeing is believing’ has become the norm, becoming a LinkedIn influencer allows you to become a brand yourself. To help you get to the position, given below are a few steps that can guide you forward.

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Step 1: Know your goals

The first step before starting any journey is to decide your goals. Unless you do so, all your efforts will go in vain, as you will be left directionless. Determine the outcome you are aiming for. Do you want more followers, or do you want people to refer to your LinkedIn articles for reference?

A simpler way to decide your goals can be by questioning what you plan to do with your LinkedIn influencer status. LinkedIn influencer marketing can allow you to expand your business or promote your skills. Once you have set your goals, you will be in a better place to plan your roadmap.  

Step 2: Create a superstar profile

The first thing people notice when they visit your profile is how it is organised and what information it relays. They want to be impressed by your professional achievements. However, LinkedIn is filled with overachievers and dynamic leaders. To stand out, try and capture your unique identity and showcase the same on your profile. Use the platform to describe your accomplishments and things that drive you forward. By using eye-catching graphics in your background photo, you will make it pleasing to browse through your profile. Although the platform focuses on the professional aspect of your life, you must bring a sense of sincerity to form real connections.

Step 3: Create & curate standout content

The next step post creating a crisp and catchy profile should be establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. The best way to do so is by posting great content on your profile. Many factors contribute to making your content great.

Firstly, it has to be relevant to your target audience. To ensure the same, it would be a good practice to figure out who your target audience will be. Once you have done that, find a great hook that will reel in more views. Using specific and actionable information in your headings can be helpful. Secondly, consistency is as important as posting good content. By maintaining a consistent schedule to post your content, you encourage a positive habit in your audience. Thirdly, your content should be unique to you. It should resonate your voice and opinions. You can also use facts and reliable sources to back up your content. This builds trust between you and your audience. Finally, it is always a good idea to use media-rich content. The use of photos, video, or even memes increases the chances of engagement.

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Step 4: Invest time in networking

The key to ‘how to become LinkedIn influencer’ is networking. To increase your engagement rate, you must try keeping aside some time towards interacting with your followers and other influencers on LinkedIn. This activity will help you build relationships. It will also make your followers feel valued and increase their interest in your profile and content. Apart from this, you can try and create bi-weekly or monthly events, where your followers can reach out to you for a Q&A session.

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Step 5: Promote your content across channels

While you are aiming to become a LinkedIn influencer, to increase your audience, it is always a good idea to promote your LinkedIn profile across all your channels. This will bring about a sense of uniformity across all the platforms that you are engaging on. It will also increase the amount of exposure for your profile.


Becoming an influencer on LinkedIn is very different from becoming an influencer on any of the other social media platforms. The sole reason for this is that LinkedIn is built for a very different purpose. Having said that, becoming a LinkedIn influencer is held in high regard in every industry and can be very beneficial for your business or personal popularity.

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