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Do you enjoy high visibility and prominence on social media channels? Are you an expert in your field, and your opinions count for your <a href=”https://amplifiers.angelbroking.com/blog/10-advanced-twitter-marketing-tips-to-get-more-twitter-followers/”>social channel followers</a>? You can leverage this influence and succeed as a social influencer.

In the Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2020 survey, 79% of the brands and marketing agencies surveyed expressed the intention to spend their marketing budget on influencer marketing. Moreover, 66% of those marketers who have already invested in influencer-driven marketing are planning on increasing their budgets. Thus, you can ride the rising tide of influencer marketing and translate your followings into earnings. 

You might be wondering why companies and brands should choose you over the other influencers to tell their product stories? How to carve out a niche for yourself and become a successful social media influencer?

All you need is the right strategy and the right influencer marketing platform to forge lucrative collaborations. Here’s how you can make your voice heard in social media’s noisy world and stand out as the absolute authority in your field.

Pick a definite niche

Niche in marketing is the specialized market segment that caters to a particular product or service. Brands only hire influencers who are the best in their niche. The reason is that influencer marketing works best when you regularly communicate with a particular demographic interested in a specific product. Doing so establishes your knowledge in the field. And why should others come to you for advice, unless you are an expert? 

For example, if you wish to become an influencer in the stock trading industry, you can specialize in the agricultural goods commodities market. You can go even deeper, and reduce competition, by building your authority on the wheat livestock segment.  

Make sure you pick a niche that you not only know a lot about but also one on which you enjoy spending time. Otherwise, it can become challenging to keep on researching and creating new posts over months and years. And you need to do this, to assert your expertise and grow your follower base. 

Optimize social media channels and profiles for maximum engagement 

First, select the right platform for your niche. You will need a content medium that can educate your followers as well as make your personality noticeable. Some social media channels enable you to use different content formats, like Facebook and LinkedIn. While with other channels like YouTube and Instagram, you have to stick to a specific format. Thus, you need to work out which format works best for your brand of influencer marketing.

For example, if you want to build thought leadership as an industry expert, educating your audience, and offering advice on your niche, you can select LinkedIn. You can post long-form blogs, engage with others’ posts, or post videos with informational content.

The next step is to optimize social media profiles that you already use with the following strategies:

  1. Convert your profile into a business account:

    As a social influencer, building brand value is crucial. A business profile increases your chances of being confirmed as a verified account. It lends credibility and reflects an elite status – both vital for your image. Business accounts also provide a host of features especially suited for business needs, like direct contact buttons, access key performance metrics to measure your posts’ outreach, etc.

  2. Focus on creating an appealing bio

    When your goal is to capture attention, you must use every tool in your hand. And your bio is what your audiences notice first when they land on your profile. Get into your audience’s mindset. Decipher why they would want to follow you, what they are looking for, and how you could answer those queries. You can also use keywords relevant to your industry and mention any awards or accolades you have achieved. Above all, use humour to kindle audience interest.

  3. Do not leave your profile picture or header image slots empty.

    Besides adding that human touch that helps your audience connect with you, your profile picture also builds your brand identity. Your followers associate your profile with your photo. Hence, use a good quality picture where your face is visible. And your cover image is another opportunity to showcase anything that you are endorsing.

Recognize your audience’s interests

Unless you understand your audience, how will you create posts that resonate with them? Targeting the right audience is the key to building a loyal follower base and succeeding as a social influencer. 

You can start by collecting data about your existing audience with analytics tools. Search for answers to the following questions:

  • What is their age group?
  • What is their geographical location?
  • What is the level of education they have completed?
  • Which posts do they like/share the most?
  • When during the day do they engage the most with your posts? 

Insights you get from such details will help you tailor your content to better suit your audience’s interests. Moreover, it will also help you pitch to the companies looking to target similar audience segments.

Post content that your audience finds relevant

Once you understand your audience, focus on creating posts that are useful to them. When you can provide the solutions and guidance that they are searching for, they will want to listen to you.

Publish content that helps your audience realize how using a particular product can improve their lives. This approach will find favour from brands, who would want you to endorse their offerings.

Moreover, you should develop a content strategy to deliver a mixed content variety and keep your posts exciting. You can follow the 5-3-2 principle. 

As per this strategy, out of every ten posts you create, five should be from established social media thought leaders. Such posts will prevent your profile from appearing too self-promotional, and add value to your followers. Use such third party posts after tagging the original author. Include your perspective on their statements to add freshness.

Three posts should be your original, informative content. You can add reviews as a regular feature, to make way for paid reviews later.

And the remaining two posts need to present glimpses into your personal side. It will help your followers relate to you. 

Remember to optimize social media posts to make them attractive on mobiles and handheld devices. Statista reported 3.46 billion active social media users worldwide as of July 2019. Rope in this mobile audience into your follower list.

Keep posting regularly and maintain consistency

Consistent posting is crucial to earning success as a social influencer. If your followers cannot count on you to regularly deliver quality content, they may stop paying attention. Also, for visibility, most social media algorithms give preference to accounts with recurrent posts. 

You can choose whichever frequency you find comfortable. However, some dynamic influencer marketing platforms, like Twitter, require a higher posting frequency to consider you an influencer. You can use automated tools to upload and schedule batch postings and stay consistent.

Find out when your audience is most active on your social media platform. Then post your content during those times to attract the most attention. A Sprout Social study revealed that certain days of the week and times bring the highest engagement for social media posts. Late mornings, and the midweek afternoon hours, appear to be popular.  

Engage and interact with your audience 

Engagement is crucial to building trust. And audience trust is what you need to influence them into buying the products or services you recommend. Also, higher audience engagement rates boost your pitches to brands.

Reply to comments and questions on your posts and ‘like’ audience comments to show appreciation. Respond to direct messages. If your followers share your content, thank them. It can make them feel valued and earn their loyalty.

You can also start discussions by asking on-topic questions to your followers. Such interactions can build rapport and solidify your stance as a social influencer.


If working as a paid influencer seems enticing, pick your niche, fix a posting schedule, churn out helpful content, and regularly interact with your audience. However, be patient. It takes time and effort to start getting paid for your social media posts. The good news is that, even for brands running in-house campaigns, locating influencers is a challenge. 

This is where Angel Broking’s Amplifiers platform can help. With its digital-first approach, Angel Broking has already transformed India’s investment scenario. It has launched its unique Amplifiers influencer marketing platform that empowers social media influencers in the stock trading arena to create direct brand collaborations. 

The user-friendly platform offers several useful features. Its dashboard provides every detail about your viewership. Moreover, you can secure your workflow and ensure payment protection along with super-fast payment resolutions. Apart from enhancing your skills, you can increase your professional network through associations with peers. And to top it all, you can revel in the satisfaction of imparting knowledge and educating your audience.  You can select any of their curated offers to access the platform through your desktop or their mobile app. Take advantage of their substantial content library and ready-to-use templates, and start creating engaging content today.

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