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Social media is the ‘one’ truly unified global platform, and if you make it big here – you make it big everywhere. Nowadays, social media influencers are celebrities in their own rights. They are influencing and educating masses of followers, and smart marketers have taken notice of this fact. They have ‘the’ real voice, one heard and respected by many – and if they recommend something, you trust their opinion.

The influencer marketing industry has exploded and become a giant behemoth. Every business in the world wants to get in on the game. Many global brands have already partnered with social media influencers to great success. The top influencers are known, recognized, and respected all over the globe, and businesses pay them unbelievable amounts of money just for an endorsement.

Yes. This truly is the age of social media influencer marketing.

What is a Social Media Influencer?

In the 2018 ‘Global Digital’ reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite, it was revealed that an astounding 3.196 billion people in the world use social media platforms actively. This number has undeniably grown by now and will continue doing so. Intelligent and forward-thinking marketers have quickly realized that they can sell to nearly half of the entire world’s population with a smart and solid social media presence.

It’s quite hard to define a social media influencer. To begin with, a social media influencer is a person who uses social media and enjoys a massive following of people. Having established credibility in a certain industry and earned respect, they can influence people because their opinion matters.

Another simple definition of a social media influencer would be ‘a famous, mainstream social media personality who collaborates with a brand and promotes their products and/or services’.

In some ways, each of us who use social media could be classified as influencers too – in a very loose sense, of course. If you’ve ever posted your views on any social media platform or reviewed a hotel room, technically you’ve influenced anyone who has come across it. However, where most of us common folk’s influence is quite limited, some are actively sought out and followed by millions around the globe.

The big influencers of social media are stars in their own right. As popular in the world as actors and other celebrities, they enjoy mass adulation daily – practically, each time they post something. These are the demigods of the modern universe, and their opinion is valued by thousands and millions.  

Today, almost every social media platform has its own set of influencers – faces most people can instantly recognize. The chances are that most of them have already partnered with at least one brand. Some have stuck to small endorsements while a few have become brand ambassadors for major companies. In either case, there is no question that social media influencer marketing is a good career option nowadays.

How to become a social media influencer?

Social media influencers are all the rage nowadays, and if you are also aspiring to become one, follow these simple steps:

  • Find your niche

    All the popular social media influencers that you can think possess a lot of knowledge in their niche – that’s what made them so famous in the first place. Their niche is what defines them, what has made them successful and what their followers respect.
    So, find something that you like, something you’re really interested in, and make it your own. Become an expert in your niche – someone who’s so knowledgeable about his/her industry or craft that people come to you for advice.
    It doesn’t matter what your niche is. Get into whatever interests you. Just study it enough to offer something new, fresh and informational to the world.
  • Pick out your media channels

    Once you’ve mastered your niche, it’s time to select the media channels that you want to use. The primary thing to consider is the kind of audience you are seeking. For instance, Instagram is a very lifestyle-oriented social media channel. A blogger whose art is to write might feel out of place.
    Similarly, people who travel a lot mostly prefer YouTube so they can vlog about their adventures. Those who want a bit of it all still rely on Facebook and are doing very well as influencers on that channel.
    Ultimately, it’s your choice but make sure that you make an informed one. It is also advisable to not pick more than 3 channels because managing all of that might be too demanding, especially when you are starting out.
  • Identify Your Target Audience

    As a social media influencer, a lot of your success will depend on the kind of audience that you have. It is vital for a social media influencer to reach his/her intended target audience. There will be no gains if you create world-class content, but it doesn’t reach the intended audience.
    With so many social media channels active social media users around, it is important to identify your audience and then segregate them. By knowing who they are and segregating them, you can form a gradual bond with them through your engaging content.
    Ideally, as your popularity and audience increases, so should the engagement level of your content.
  • Develop a Content Strategy

    The quality of your content will literally make or break your chances of making it big in the world of social media influencer marketing. When the stakes are this high, ensure that you have a solid content strategy in place.
    Think about your goals and develop an actionable plan around them. Your primary focus is to create engaging content that your audience will like. With that thought as the starting point, create a strategy taking into account everything that comes to your mind – time, money, execution, audience, reaction – think hard about every aspect of the process.
    Don’t pressurize yourself if there are hiccups along the way because that’s also part of the process. The important thing is to strategize and have a clear plan at hand – success is bound to follow.
  • Engage, Engage, Engage

    Once you’ve identified your niche and have found an audience, it will be time for your content to shine. Your audience will only follow you as long as you can serve them with engaging content on a constant basis.
    There have been cases when influencers rose to quick fame and garnered the adoration of many. They were all soon forgotten once the buzz died down and they couldn’t deliver anything new. Social media consumption is at such epic proportions that your audience is always craving for something fresh and interesting.
    The moment your engagement levels start falling, it spells doom for you. So, always work hard to produce engaging content on a regular basis.
  • Analyze Everything

    Once the creative aspect of the job has been handled, its time to get analytical. It is always advised that you monitor and analyze everything with a single goal in mind – how can I make it better?
    Don’t just rely blindly on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) either. It’s true that KPIs need to be measured and analyzed, but that’s not where it stops. You need to analyze everything else too – from audience reactions and comments to the monitoring of likes and impressions that you get.
    It’s simple – every little thing that you think can be analyzed should be analyzed.

Social Media Influencer Platforms

Social media influencer platforms are platforms that help budding social media influencers grow. An influencer can partner with the platform towards a mutually-beneficial relationship. Renowned social media influencer platforms across the world are collaborating with rising or well-established stars to create unique and high-impact content.

Amplifiers is one such influencer marketing platform that solely caters to the stock industry of our country. This unique platform is bringing together influencers from all walks of life and providing them with exciting opportunities to learn, grow and prosper together.

Amplifiers is easy-to-use and offers multiple benefits to help influencers create engaging content that educates their audience about the right investment opportunities around. These benefits include curated offers, a content library, and numerous templates to choose from.

What Type of Content Will You Create?

The type of content that you create is totally your decision. What one might be good at can’t be said for the other. If you like taking stunning pictures, then you can do that. People who like making interesting videos should do just that. Those who love the word are welcome to display the art of their penmanship. The choice depends solely on your interest and what you really want to do.

The important thing is that the content you create should be engaging. It hardly matters whether you entertain or educate – it should hold your followers’ attention.


If you want to become a social media influencer too, you need a solid strategy in place, besides the hard work, of course. Hope the tips mentioned here help you in your endeavour.

If you are an influencer interested in stock trading or want to become one, start your wonderful journey at Amplifiers today.

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