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Despite our differences in taste, we all enjoy a ‘Happy Ending’ and are well aware of its significance. Endings are what we carry with us after our viewing experience as they stay fresh in our minds. In the world of YouTube, these engaging endings are facilitated by a YouTube end-screen.

What is a YouTube end-screen?

Also referred to as an “End card” or an “End slate” this is a visual overlay element that is presented in the last 15 to 20 seconds of your video. This relatively new feature of a YouTube end-screen template allows you to insert video links, playlists, merchandise, and the subscribe button to encourage your viewers to engage with you further.

End-screens are awarded their importance because they amplify the chances of getting your viewer to do as you want them to, and they guide viewers with what they can do next once they are done watching your video.    

How to Make an Interesting YouTube end-screen template?

As we have established the importance of a YouTube end-screen, you need to focus on how to make them captivating. Here are some things to consider while creating your end-screen:

  • Promotion:

    YouTube allows you to promote four elements in every end-screen. They are: subscribe button, video or a playlist, link to another channel, and an external website. Feature those elements that are relevant to your video. Ideally, you must limit it to the use of two or three elements so that your end-screen does not appear cluttered.
  • Labelling:

    It is a good idea to label your videos to guide your viewers. You can do this with something like a “Watch Next” or “Next up” tab that would help people understand that they are clickable.
  • Social Media:

    You might want to consider informing about your social media handles that you are most active on. While these will not be hyperlinked, they could still help with informing your viewers about where they could see more of you.
  • Playlist:

    Consider promoting playlists instead of a single video as playlists continue automatically, which can help garner more views.   

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How to Add End-screen on YouTube?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with how to add end-screen on YouTube:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account and if your video already exists, hover your cursor over the video until the edit icon appears.
  • This will take you to the edit screen where the options are available; you need to select the “End Screen” option.   
  • This will then present you with the option to either choose a pre-existing template by YouTube or customize your own. There are various options available to suit your preferences, and you can even delete elements you don’t require. Once you have the template you like, you can use the same layout for future videos with the “import from video” tab.
  • You can then adjust the timeline of your end-screen. Here, you could make your selected elements appear all at once, or you could separate them. You will need at least 10 seconds at the end of your video; however, you could extend your elements to make the end screen last for longer.
  • You can then click save when you are done, and the end-screen would then appear at the end of your video.    

To conclude

Endings are just as important as beginnings and so make sure you make your YouTube end-screens engaging. However, to have an end-screen, your videos need to be 25 seconds long at least. Your other interactive elements, such as card teasers and branding watermarks, are suppressed during the end-screen. Lastly, you cannot add an end-screen for kid’s videos.

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