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Social media has become a platform for expression and to be heard the world over. It is about conversations, evoking a sense of community, connecting with audiences, and cultivating relationships. Among other platforms, YouTube has managed to stay on top of the social media game with improvements that keep its users wanting for more. Understanding how social media is all about interactions, YouTube introduced the concept of adding cards to your videos. Read on, to know how to add cards to YouTube videos.    

What are YouTube Cards?

YouTube cards are an interactive element that is added to promote videos, playlists, websites, other channels, and merchandise. These can appear on both mobile devices as well as on desktop, unlike annotations which YouTube replaced with cards. Once added, they appear as a small rectangular box on the top right corner of your video as a preview of the actual message. They are highly convenient because they give the viewer an option to click, and if they don’t, it simply disappears from view.

What are the types of YouTube cards?

You can add cards to YouTube video to draw your viewers’ attention to several things. There are five types of cards that you can add to promote:

  • Video or playlist: These are used to encourage your audiences to view more of your videos or guide them to related playlists. Include relevant videos for better conversion. Try to keep this notification towards the end of your video as you would want your viewer to finish watching one video before prompting them onto the next.
  • Channel: You can guide viewers to more of your channels to help them become aware of your YouTube spectrum.  
  • Donation: You can also feature a non-profit cause of your choice and encourage donations
  • Poll: You can interact with your viewers by asking them to engage in a multiple-choice poll. Keep the questions short to avoid a distracting viewing experience.
  • Link: You can also add an external link to a pre-approved website that you would want your viewers to know of.

Why add cards to YouTube video?

YouTube cards are a great way to drive actionable results from your viewers. As a content creator, the opportunity to showcase more of your content is invaluable. YouTube cards can help you boost views for older content, and cross-promote brand facets such as a website that hosts all of your work.

How to add cards to YouTube videos?

Now that we have identified the benefits, follow the steps below to know how to add cards in YouTube:

  1. To begin with, click on your channel icon on the top right corner of the YouTube page, and from the box that appears, click on “Creator Studio.”
  2. Then from the options available, click on “Video Manager.”
  3. On your right, you will find your videos. Find the one you want to add cards to, and then click on the drop-down arrow to select “Cards.”
  4. From the options available, choose the card that you would want to add by clicking on “create.”
  5. Once you enter the related information, click on “Create Card.”
  6. Finally, you will be asked to select the time when you would want the card to appear in the video.

In conclusion:

YouTube cards are aimed at complementing your videos and enhancing your viewing experience. However, cards won’t show if your video has been claimed by Content ID and the owner has set up a campaign. Additionally, videos displaying cards will not have a call-to-action as per YouTube guidelines. Amplifiers is a holistic ecosystem that enables influencers in the making with the opportunity to enhance and amplify their content with access to its massive content library and easy-to-use templates.

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