On average, a person spends approximately two hours on social media each day. This number considers people who spend little to no time and includes those who wake up with social media posts. So, it’s not surprising to see how influencer marketing has grown immensely over the past few years. Influencer marketing is a new-age promotional strategy that leverages the popularity of the people, who are famous on social media, to promote brands and products.

According to Forbes, influencer marketing has grown faster than digital ads in the past decade. As per experts, today, influencer marketing should be an active tactic in the social media campaigns led by brands. Hence, from the perspective of brands, influencer marketing is one of the most viable solutions to improve brand awareness, ensure deep consumer penetration, capture new leads and do much more.

Six benefits of influencer marketing for brands:

  1. Build trust and credibility:

    Why do you think people follow social media influencers? Mainly because they seek inspiration from them and trust them for their opinion. Influencers enjoy a loyal follower base, which helps them establish themselves as a subject matter expert in their niche, adding more credibility to their recommendations. As per a study, 40% of the people surveyed purchased a product because of an influencer tweet or suggestion. If an influencer recommends your product or brand, there are high chances you will get more sales, along with an actively engaged customer base. So, if you can get an influential person to market your brand, you can create an impression of trust for your brand.
  1. Enhances brand awareness: Influencer marketing can effectively expand your brand reach and positioning. Social media users become more aware of your brand, who you are, the story behind the brand, the products your offer and much more. The contribution offered by influencer marketing in terms of brand awareness is one of its most powerful benefits. The motto is to create content that helps increase awareness about your brand, and simultaneously adds to the influencer’s social media presence, ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.
  1. Focused and relevant:

    Influencer marketing enables you to opt for a more focused and relevant marketing strategy. This tactic aligns you with a set of audience that is directly related to your brand and its products. This helps you generate a higher return on your investment. For example, if you are a sports company, your chances of reaching the right type of audience are higher when you leverage an influencer who is into sports, fitness, etc. When your message reaches out to such an audience, you increase the chances of conversions manifold.
    1. Easy and not pushy:

      Today, consumers do not prefer pushy marketing strategies. And this is one prime reason why influencer marketing is so viable. The followers of the particular influencer willingly chose to receive content from that person. So, when the influencer sends across your message to the target audience, they receive it and not reject it or consider it pushy. As per studies, influencer marketing is more beneficial than ads. As per an IAB study, two-thirds of users have ad-blockers in their phones and computers.
      1. Offers value to the audience:Influencer marketing delivers content that aims to solve problems, educate or inspire the audience. This ensures that your intended audience gets a valuable and reliable message. For example, if a person wants to invest in shares, he/she would benefit from the advice of influencers on Angel Amplifier that provide curated videos educating their audience on how to invest, the importance of investment in the stock market, etc.
      1. Apt for all types of business: Influencer marketing is not restricted in nature. Thus, it is suitable for all types of business, irrespective of their industry and size. As long as there is an influential person in your industry, you can leverage influencer marketing to improve brand awareness and increase conversions.

      In some cases, brands also use this tactic to get across a social message. Taco Bell, Axis Bank, Allen Solly, etc., are some of the popular brands on influencer marketing.


      With the influencer marketing industry all set to increase up to $15 billion by 2022, it is high time that brands get on the bandwagon to ensure targeted and quicker customer acquisition, and a profitable, secure future. However, you must select an influencer that best matches your brand image and industry, and has a loyal fanbase.  

      To enable influencers to create the right content for the brands, new-age, advanced influencer marketing platforms like Angel Amplifiers>, provide a unique and immensely supportive ecosystem. This allows influencers to make content that inspires and educates the masses about the world of stock trading, helping them to make the right investment choices.

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