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One thing that Instagram has established over the past few years is that this social media platform is here to stay. With more than 120 million Instagram users in India alone, the popularity of Instagram is indisputable. Also, coupled with the growing penetration of internet in the country, the power of social media platforms like Instagram has become aggressive.

This, in turn, positively stimulates influencer marketing, which is another growing phenomenon. No matter the brand, size or the product, Instagram has an audience for everyone. Besides, the general benefits of increasing brand awareness and creating a positive brand image, Instagram also has a huge influence on the user’s purchasing decisions. That said, Instagram marketing is not easy. You need to grow your account, interact with followers, answer their queries, find the right influencers, and do more. This is where the role of a good influencer marketing Instagram tool comes into focus. While there are more than 100 Instagram tools available in the market, most of them charge too high for their subscriptions.

So, here is a round-up for ten free Instagram tools for influencer marketing that will work best for you:

  1. Ninja Outreach:

    Ninja Outreach is a comprehensive yet simple Instagram tool that you can access without any cost. Using this tool, you can easily find Instagram, as well as Twitter influencers. Typically, Ninja Outreach is a holistic CRM, where digital marketers and businesses can prospect, manage the relationship, and do analytics and reporting. All you have to do is enter your target keyword, and you will get a comprehensive list of online influencers and business leads in your niche. That’s not all the tool also provides valuable details about these influencers, including their email and social media contact details. Ninja Outreach also gives displays the engagement level of these influencers and their charges per post. The best feature about this tool is that you can keep a track on your crucial metrics like audience engagement, clicks, replies, follower count, etc. You can further organise your engagement with influencers by recording conversations, history, etc.
  2. Buzzsumo:

    Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that can be used for influencer discovery, as well as content optimisation. You input a keyword, and the tool provides popular content and influencer names related to your query. The main objective behind offering both services is that the most popular content in your niche is probably created by the top influencers of the space. Additionally, you can also leverage Buzzsumo to find authors and creators who have an already engaged audience on Instagram, Twitter and other social media and web platforms. You can also analyse, what is generally popular on social media, and which content is shared by your competitors. This will help you strategize your content and audience approach better. Further, the tool provides you detailed insights into engagement by posts, as well as categorises influencer accounts based on their type – blogger, influencer, journalist, etc.
  3. Awario:

    This social media and analytics tool leaps further than general influencer marketing ones. Awario searches across the internet (social media + web) 24/7 to identify mentions of the keyword you are tracking. So, ideally, when searching across platforms, Awario gives you social media analytics, as well as a list of influencers and hot leads. You also get access to opinion leaders, key publishers, etc. that are most popular in your search query. You could also use the search algorithms to identify advocates that are most active for your brand and have a high potential of becoming loyalists and increasing your audience. All social media influencers and bloggers are ranked, according to their reach and number of followers, or daily profile visits. Awario allows you to set up customised alerts for your brand and niche, track conversations about your brand, as well as competitors, and identify potential influencers. Alternatively, you could also use mentions of your industry or product category to connect with the right advocates. 
  4. Heepsy:

    With Heepsy, you can search across seven million Instagram influencers (each with more than 5,000 followers) to select the ones that best match your requirements. That is not all this tool also allows you to create a real and relevant impact by ensuring that the influencers you select have authentic scores and relatable audience. Heepsy permits you to analyse the audience of the influencer, to assess their demographics, authenticity, as well as offers a secure place to engage with influencers. The tool automatically filters out fake profiles and allows you to know the posting frequency and growth rates of each profile. You can search for your brand advocates by using a keyword, topic, engagement level or even a location. The tool also provides an estimation of the influencer’s cost per post.
  5. Mediatoolkit:

    Mediatoolkit is another powerful Instagram analytics tool that you can access for free. This tool provides 24*7 monitoring of online mentions of your brand on a real-time basis across 100+ million sources, including articles, blogs, hashtags, comments, profiles, websites, forums, etc. You can filter the search based on location and language. Additionally, Mediatoolkit provides you real-time access to competitors data, and relevant industry topics, enabling you to enhance your social media presence and grow your audience. 
  6. Crowdfire:

    Crowdfire is a complete social media management tool. You can use this platform to do everything right from research to publishing. It allows you to manage social media handles, source content, analyse performance and search for top influencers according to a category. Typically, Crowdfire scans all social media networks to identify the relevant content according to your seed keyword. The keyword can be a brand name, industry, products, or even a trend. In this search, the tool allows you to see top content creators for the specific search query. This tool further permits you to engage with these advocates and measure the efficiency of your influencer collaborations.
  7. Aspire IQ:

    With an advanced platform like AspireIQ, you can easily find enthusiasts who can help to grow your brand. The tool has an extensive database of more than 6 million content creators, where you can find your relevant influencer. You can search for people by using keywords or location. The tool allows you to create streamlined legal contracts with influencers and also obtain automated campaign analytics. There is also a dedicated customer success team to assist you in each step.
  8. Upfluence:

    If you desire a tool that can assist you in influencer marketing right from the start till the end, look no further than Upfluence. You can search on this tool by using a keyword and identify top influencers from among three million profiles. If you have more than one keyword, you can assign weights to each according to their relevance in your search. To be more specific, you can use filters like social media metrics, activity, language, location, etc. to narrow your search. Once you find your target influencer, you can assess their popularity on various social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. The best part about using Upfluence for your business is that you get access to real-time influencer statistics, and activity metrics like engagement, monthly visits, and more. That said, if you wish to engage with a larger number of influencers, you can also have bulk lists and create targeted campaigns.
  9. Socialbakers:

    Socialbakers is a 360-degree social media management platform. The tool covers all aspects right from content planning to customer support. And it also offers a free influencer marketing functionality, helping you connect with the right people for your brand. Socialbakers supports AI-powered search, risk assessment and account verification for your potential brand ambassadors. The platform also provides performance metrics, competitive analysis, cross-channel publishing support and more.
  10. Moju:

    Moju is an advanced influencer discovery tool, which allows you to find the most relevant influencers from 1 million authentic profiles. You can use a keyword to find brand advocates and further refine your search by engagement rate, followers, gender, country, etc. The tool also allows you to directly connect with the chosen influencer, ensuring a smoother engagement process.


Each of these tools empowers you to find the right people to grow your visibility and customer base. However, it is critical to assess each tool carefully and select the one that best matches your business requirement and also your budget.

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