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A crucial element in digital marketing is search engine optimization. It is the process of improving visibility for your website during relevant searches. The better the visibility, the higher are the chances of your page getting attention and attracting potential customers to your business. With many businesses turning to the social media giant, Facebook, it becomes important to optimize your Facebook page as a marketer. The next obvious question that pops up is, how to optimize the Facebook page.

This article shares seven simple tips that will help you understand Facebook SEO better and boost the organic visibility for your Facebook page.

  • Choose the right name: Once you choose the right name, not only will it become a part of your identity on the platform, but it shall also stick with you till the very end. A basic rule for SEO is that you should use keywords throughout your content. This would mean that keywords should feature in your page’s name too. However, you must not go overboard with the rule and create a name that comes across as spam.   
  • Use keywords strategically: The most important keywords should be placed in the vital and strategic parts of your Facebook page. Hence, you should thoughtfully place them in your “About Us”, “Description”, “Headline”, “Photo caption”, “Notes” and “Updates” sections. However, try not to go overboard when using keywords. Look for the top six keywords that work for your page, and use them organically in a proper context.
  • Customize your vanity URL: When you sign up on Facebook, a dynamic URL is automatically generated for your page. However, it is advised not to settle on it. You can easily personalize your URL address and merge it with your brand name on Facebook. By matching your Facebook vanity URL with your brands’ title, you are strengthening your brand recognition and making it easy for visitors to remember the link. This also makes your brand look more professional and increases the searchability of your page.
  • Leverage your backlinks: Backlinks are another great way to boost your Facebook page’s SEO. The Google search engine responds positively when it finds multiple trustworthy sources that vouch for your pages reputation and value. It is a strong indicator that the content on your page is valuable to your followers and relevant to your industry. As a precaution, do not use unverified sources for your backlinks, as it can backfire and impact your ranking.
  • Pay extra attention to the “About Us” section: For first-time visitors, the “About Us” section is vital information to develop trust in your brand. They would want to know everything about your business, right from your office address to the services offered by you. Use the “About Us” section to share your brand’s values and product benefits, and provide the visitors with complete information. While sharing your details, do use keywords that will help boost your SEO, and add the link to your website, as it helps the visitor find the content page.
  • Update your business information: Sharing your updated business information is vital and can be greatly beneficial to your Facebook page. The address of your headquarters will help your business get indexed for local search by Google. Your Facebook page visitors will use many sources for your business information, including your Facebook page, which is why keeping your contact information updated is so important.

Make sure to provide the same contact details across different sources to improve your Facebook page optimization.

  • Add a CTA button on your page: Back in 2014, Facebook introduced the call-to-action (CTA) button for business pages. The CTA button can be customized as per your page’s requirement, which in turn helps drive valuable traffic from Facebook to your website. This traffic from Facebook helps improve the search ranking for your website. Facebook provides many pre-designed button options that can be used basis the outcome of the action that is expected from the visitors. You can link this button to your website after customizing it. The button can be strategically placed right under the cover photo, making it highly visible.


Facebook page optimization needs time and a basic understanding of how SEO works. While it is not a difficult concept to implement, it does require constant effort to keep your Facebook page relevant and easily searchable by potential customers. The seven tips mentioned in the article are an insight into how you can optimize your Facebook page, without having to invest your marketing budget in Facebook ads.


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