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A staggering 91% of respondents from the 4000 marketers surveyed by Influencer Marketing Hub in 2020 consider influencer marketing an effective promotional strategy. This form of marketing has adapted to the changing markets and has been performing well.

However, to stay relevant in content and strategies, digital influencers need to be aware of the influencer marketing trends 2020. Here’s a rundown on the top 8 trends in influencer marketing to watch right now.

1. Video content continues to be popular 

It is no secret that viewers enjoy video content the most. Here are some numbers that underscore this fact:

  • Video-based social media content enjoys 48% more views than other kinds of content.
  • Cisco predicted that by 2022, video content would comprise 82% of the total consumer internet traffic.

Thus, in influencer marketing 2020, grabbing viewers’ attention is all about video content. In keeping with the popularity of videos, Instagram introduced Instagram Reels and IGTV. Reels is for sharing short videos, and IGTV is a standalone app to share long-form videos. Such developments suggest that videos are vital tools for influencer marketing this year.

But why is video a buzzword in influencer marketing?

Videos provide creative and dynamic ways to engage with the audience. This format is excellent for:

  • Q&As
  • Step-by-step how-to guides
  • Interviews
  • Tips

 Moreover, creating video content allows influencers to use storytelling in their campaigns. Storytelling stirs up viewers’ emotions, triggering impulse buys, and thus, making marketing effortless.

Also, messaging becomes more memorable when it is in the form of video. Insivia claims that viewers remember 95% of a message delivered through a video. In contrast, they retain only 10% of text-based content.

Hence, influencers who create videos will stay in higher demand among brands and consumers. Hubspot revealed that 81% of businesses use videos as a promotional tool.

Angel Broking, establishing new trends since inception, recently launched the Amplifiers platform for influencers in stock trading. And perceiving the power of videos, the platform provides its influencers with video templates to refine their content. 

2. ‘Likes’ stop to matter

Until recently, the number of ‘likes’ on a post was a crucial success parameter for influencer marketing campaigns. But the influencer marketing trends in 2020 are observing a paradigm shift in marketers’ mindset about such vanity metrics. These metrics are numbers that do not necessarily spell business success. Instagram has already begun hiding likes. It aims to align the platform towards connecting users with content in which they find value. Therefore, content that is authentic and useful makes the keystone of audience engagement.

Hence, the influencer marketing model is shifting away from vanity parameters. As Ryan Detert, CEO of the influencer marketing company Influential, says, “(marketers) have almost completely abandoned the idea of engagement rates being the most important piece … it’s become a nice-to-have.” 

The companies are concentrating more on measuring actual performance. They now value lead generation and genuine sales driven by the influencer campaigns. Thus, the current influencer marketing trends involve KPIs like: 

  • the number of clicks
  • conversion of clicks on social media ads to actual sales
  • the time the audience spends with the sponsored content
  • the reach of the campaign as indicated by the number of views

The Amplifiers platform enables the influencers to meet such needs. Its dashboard allows them to check the results achieved through their efforts, like: 

  • views
  • clicks
  • leads generated
  • conversions 

3. Content that connects with followers’ sentiments and adds value

When the audience can relate to the influencer, it builds trust. It is this trust that is the base of the influencer’s influence. And authentic, realistic content allows the followers to relate more to the influencer. They want glimpses into the actual personality behind the famous persona.

Posts that permit that personality to shine through foster real relationships with the followers. Impromptu live Q&A sessions and in-the-moment reviews are thus winning against staged, picture-perfect content in influencer marketing strategies. 

The trends are pointing towards the growing popularity of more meaningful engagement. Todays’ viewers want a conversation. They want to express their own opinions through polls. Their requirements for engagement have evolved. 

Likewise, brands and influencers have realized the value of context. Marketers are in the lookout for influencers who are people likely to use their products. They can generate authentic content about it with enthusiasm. The focus of evolving influencer trends is more on organic and thoughtful content than on sales-y pitches. 

Moreover, companies want influencers with genuine relationships with their followers. They are looking at the quality of comments on the posts. 

The content must be sufficiently fascinating to inspire followers to leave in-depth comments. The Amplifiers platform provides guidance and content sources to help the influencers craft evocative content. They can thus impart genuine knowledge about stock trading and win in their marketing efforts every time.

4. The “No-Edit Edit” visuals rising in demand

When it comes to style, influencer marketing trends in 2020 are all about the “no-edit edit” aesthetics. Gone are the days when heavily filtered pictures flooded the internet. Content that appears genuine and realistic now rules the roost. It makes the audience feel less like being sold to, and they connect with the influencer at a more human level. The influencer appears as a real person with shared interests.

However, looking real does not mean zero editing. The following manipulations create a sense of authenticity that works well:

  • Small colour adjustments
  • Minute changes to contrast
  • A little experimentation with textures

5. Brands developing ongoing partnerships with influencers rather than one-off contracts 

Influencer marketing trends in 2020 are leaning towards long-term collaborations between brands and influencers. Influencer marketing often involved single-campaign alliances until now. But the time and effort needed in looking for and onboarding new influencers for every campaign are far from cost-effective. Hence, brands now prefer continuing collaborations with influencers. The benefits are plenty:

  • Influencers have long-standing relationships with their followers. When brands create enduring relationships with influencers, they gain loyal followers from that audience. 
  • Long-term campaigns help build brand image. 
  • The brands can get deeper insights into the performance metrics from campaigns of longer durations.
  • For influencers, long-term partnerships mean reliable incomes. Thus, they become more invested in the campaigns. 

The brand Angel Broking thus uses the Amplifiers platform to embrace this ongoing collaboration model. They encourage influencers to sign up as the permanent spokespersons for Angel Broking. Such direct brand collaborations are a win-win proposition for influencers and brands alike.

6. Firms aiming at in-house influencer campaigns turn to influencer platforms 

As the field of influencer marketing matured, it became clear that organic processes can be time-taking and tedious to execute. Locating the right influencers for promoting a brand can be challenging. As a result, dedicated platforms have started emerging to simplify the process.

In 2019, as many as 380 new influencer-marketing platforms appeared in the global market. An increase in such influencer platforms’ importance is on the cards among the influencer marketing trends for 2020.

In India, Angel Broking demonstrated thought leadership by introducing its Amplifiers platform. It facilitates collaboration between the brand and influencers in stock trading. 

With such platforms, brand safety also wins. Brands do not have to worry about brand reputation. They guide the influencers on understanding and creating relevant content about their products. Influencers, in turn, can understand and portray the brand with care. The joint efforts produce optimum chances for successful campaigns. 

7. Upcoming Social Platforms and Content-creation Tools 

Many new social platforms have now emerged. Thus, influencer marketing in 2020 can diversify and engage a broader audience.

  • For instance, Instagram Reels’ popularity has skyrocketed. Brands are leveraging its short video format to retain the audience’s attention.
  • Twitch, a renowned platform for gamers, is now witnessing the presence of non-gaming brands. Creators from other arenas are live streaming content here.
  • Snapchat is also likely to get traction due to its support for the video format. It also offers a host of editing tools to enrich the content.
  • The platforms that allow live streaming enable the creators to connect to the audience in real-time while doing what they love to do. And the higher the interaction between influencers and audiences, the better are the odds of an influencer campaign’s success. 

The Amplifiers platform upholds such influencer trends with its integrated content-creation support. It helps the influencers optimize their creativity. It also allows influencers to incorporate multiple platforms to maximize their outreach.

8. The buzz around creative and shareable media types 

Brands and influencers are now exploring new forms of media to increase the efficiency of influencer marketing. Using the same media types repeatedly can saturate the audience and reduce influencers’ impact. But, innovative and interactive content formats can keep the audience involved. 

Amplifier, for instance, provides easy-to-use templates that let the influencers experiment with new designs. 

Brands have also awakened to the benefits of shareable and share-worthy content. This is the content that viewers feel can benefit their contacts, and they want to share it. Simultaneously, the media format for delivering the content is also easy to share. Some examples include:

  • data-driven analysis delivered through infographics
  • graphs and charts

Such crisp content is simple to consume and spark curiosity. Other content varieties that also motivate the audience to engage and share are:

  • Online surveys
  • Targeted contests
  • Giveaways 

 And sharing accelerates the spread of brand awareness.

Thus, in the latest influencer marketing trends, brands and influencers are experimenting with content and media types that viewers can share across different platforms.


The emerging trends highlight the value of quality content and target-driven campaigns. 2020’s influencer marketing trends show that influencer marketing strategies are set to become more intimate, informative, and innovative. Influencers who understand and adapt to these trends will grow and earn success in their trade. And with a platform like Amplifiers that helps the influencers to adopt these trends, they can effortlessly create engaging content, collaborate with leading brands, and climb the stairs of success.

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