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Back in 2016, Cisco predicted, 82% of global consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. And in their 2020 report, Wyzowl reported 80% of video marketers claimed an increase in sales through video.

The numbers make it clear. Video is the most captivating content type. As an influencer, you might be intent on using video to connect on a deeper level with your audience. Also, social media platforms are optimized for sharing videos. But you should know that the length of time people spend watching your content depends on your video’s duration. Short-form video content is ruling the roost in new-age digital marketing.

How to optimize short video content to deliver a brand’s message without compromising user experience? Here are five secrets to winning the marketing game.

  1. You must establish a connection in the first few seconds

Did you know that you get only 10 seconds to hold on to your viewer’s attention? 20% of your viewers move away within this timeframe and 60% within 2 minutes. Thus, you have a tiny window to convince your audience that you have something worth their time.

Fortunately, as per Facebook,65% of viewers who watch the first 3 seconds of your video go on watching for at least 10 seconds. Thus, you need to start your video with a hook to utilize the initial moments best. Select video thumbnail images and titles that intrigue. Use your best imagery at the opening. Then immediately inform viewers why they should continue watching. Stick to the core idea, keeping your content on point. If the topic is too vast to cover in 2 minutes, break it up into a series of short-form video content.

  1. Videos need to be easy to consume, optimized for cross-platform viewership.

In 2020’s third quarter, mobile accounted for 50.81% of internet traffic worldwide. Also, Cisco said that by 2022, video will make up 79% of all mobile traffic. Hence, you cannot limit your video format to desktops and laptops. Cross-platform compatibility is the key to success in new-age marketing.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your followers can view your videos on mobile devices without distortion. Also, turning the video view from landscape to portrait tends to increase engagement.

Your audience must not have to wait for the content to load and buffer. Luckily, mobiles today allow the streaming of HD-quality videos. Take advantage of such advanced technology and deliver easy-to-view, simple to consume, and effortless-to-share short video content.

  1. Authenticity sells

Keep your message genuine. Your audience will relate to such content more than to blatantly promotional videos focusing on driving sales. Videos need not be perfect with hyper-editing. Transparency resonates more with viewers.

In this context, live videos are emerging as a popular vehicle for new-age marketing. All the leading social media channels allow streaming live videos. Such real-time content, showing influencers using the brand products they are promoting, connect better with audiences.

  1. SEO plays a significant role

The number of Google searches hit 81,000 per second in 2020. Thus, you can miss out on a huge chunk of viewers if you fail to optimize your short-form video content for search engines. SEO tactics that can help viewers find your content easily on search engines include:

  • Short video titles with relevant keywords
  • Tags with keywords in the description, without overdoing it
  • A brief explanation of video content in the description section rather than just a list of keywords
  • Calls to action (CTA) placed strategically, asking to subscribe to your channel, share, comment, or check out related content
  1. A robust video sharing strategy is crucial

One major aim of social media marketing is to reach more viewers through shares. Hence, you need to ensure the sharing of your content across different social platforms. For this, you need to boost the engagement quotient, paying attention to your followers’ sharing pattern.

You need to study your target audience and understand when they are most active on relevant social media. You should time your video uploads accordingly. Also, direct short video content uploads on Facebook appear to generate higher engagement rates than indirectly sharing videos through YouTube.


According to Social Media Examiner, 80% of new-age marketing videos are 3 minutes’ duration or less. But delivering quality content within such short time spans need creativity and the right tools. Amplifiers is a groundbreaking influencer marketing platform that empowers influencers with tools for creating easily consumable, authentic, short videos.

Moreover, video analytics are essential to figuring out who watched your video and how long they watched. Real-time dashboard access on Amplifiers allows you to measure your video campaign performance. Even if you have 500 subscribers, you can join this growing platform to increase your viewership and retention rates and multiply your earnings.

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