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According to a 2019 survey by The Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses deploying influencer marketing make $5.20 for every $1 they invested. Hence, influencer marketing is highly effective. It’s no wonder that 69% of brands and agencies in a recent Talkwalker report consider this form of marketing a priority. Therefore, whether you are a large enterprise or just starting your business venture, you could benefit from it.

However, as with all types of marketing, you need to plan your strategy meticulously. If you are new to it, you may find it confusing to implement. Here’s a guideline to help you overcome the roadblocks and get you started on this lucrative journey.

What is influencer marketing all about?

The first step to the successful adoption of any new strategy is to understand its goal. Are you aware, what is an influencer?They are the people with sound knowledge on your industry and regularly voicing their opinions to their large, highly engaged audience base on social media. And their views have a strong influence on those followers, who match your brand’s target audience. You can collaborate with such social influencers. They spread awareness about your brand, delivering your promotional messages in an uncontrived, organic way.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

  • Provides social proof

    Influencer marketing utilizes the connection that exists between influencers and their social followers. Influencers offer a positive and natural introduction for your brand to your target audience. That audience becomes a new source of your website’s traffic.
  • Kindles trust

    Recommendations from people who have used and found your product helpful foster confidence. Referrals influence 74% of consumers in their purchase decision. And your audience trusts influencers. They know that the influencers have built their follower base on hard work and integrity. Therefore, recommending the right product matters more to them than earning quick money. Thus, their endorsement drives sales.
  • Takes you close to your audience

    Influencers understand their audience and know the right format to engage them. Analyzing your customers’ interactions with your influencer provides insights into your audience’s behaviour. This knowledge can help you devise fruitful marketing campaigns later.
  • Overcomes advertisement blindness

    The desensitization of audiences to paid marketing messages has cut back the reach of ad blitzes. Social influencers bring in a human element. They convert branded content into personal suggestions from experts in the field, to which audiences pay attention.  

Therefore, when executed right, the benefits of influencer marketing are unlimited. How can you gain from this authority of social influencers?

Four Tips to Get the Best from Influencer Marketing

1. Build a strong relationship with your influencer

Do not limit your brand to a paycheck-generator for your influencer. Give them something that adds value to their profession. It compels them to keep talking about you.

For example, Angel Broking’s Amplifiers platform helps its influencers grow with numerous knowledge tools like:

  • webinars with industry experts
  • assets needed for creating videos
  • assistance in developing content

Such benefits win the influencers’ favour, and they become more driven towards spreading the word about your brand.

Another key to winning at influencer marketing is not to rely on intermediaries. When the influencer gains in-depth knowledge about your business, they can better translate your brand’s personality to their audience. It humanizes your brand, and customers can relate to your business better. This inspires their loyalty. The Amplifiers platform offers its influencers the chance to meet Angel Broking management to achieve this goal.

2. Find an influencer who is the right match for your brand

Define your campaign KPIs. Consider what outcomes you want from your collaboration, like:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Change in brand image
  • Content for your social channels
  • Direct conversions and boosts in sales

Next, analyze the content created by the influencer. Consider their followers’ demographics and interests. Do these parameters line up with your goals? 

Locating the right influencer can be challenging. And Angel Broking has simplified the process through the Amplifiers platform. The influencers themselves sign up on the platform to derive its benefits. And Angel Broking provides the necessary education to them to add more weight to their voice. It’s a win-win for both the brand and the influencer.

3. Increase your brand exposure through your influencers

One of the principal goals of marketing is to increase your brand’s exposure to a new audience. You can leverage your influencers’ standing to stimulate word-of-mouth publicity in social media. 

What can the influencers do to extend your brand’s reach?

  • They can link their social posts to your business site. 
  • They can write or speak in informational videos about you, providing reviews that appear neutral and reliable.
  • They can contribute to your social profiles, create guest posts on your on-page blogs, and participate in your events or webinars. And their followers will come to your site to access their content, widening your outreach.
  • They can promote your business at events relevant to your industry.
  • They can share your message and your products’ benefits on social media through content formats that grab audience eyeballs, e.g., infographics, aesthetic images, educative videos, and more.

4. Monitor the analytics throughout the campaign

Scrutinize the performance right from the campaign’s launch until it ends to figure out what worked and what failed. A powerful analytics tool is crucial to gauge and optimize your influencer marketing campaign. For example, the Amplifiers platform enables the influencers to oversee their impressions, clickthroughs, generated leads, and conversion details as soon as their videos go live. It helps them tweak the campaign for the best outcomes.


Influencer marketing is on the rise, and your business must keep up with the trend to retain market share and grow. However, your brand needs to build a robust and workable relationship with social influencers. Enable and empower them with the right support and tools. Give them the free reign to showcase their creativity with organic content that resonates with their audience. When they trust you, they can be more convincing in vocalizing their recommendation for your brand. Their endorsement, trusted and relied upon by their extensive audience, will win over their followers as your customers.

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