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The complete concept behind Instagram was to enable its users to share their photos and videos on their feed. This encouraged users to capture their daily lives and share it with their followers. Some of these users made the most of the platform to make a career by becoming influencers.

One of the most commonly followed influencers or pages on Instagram is of those who work with food. These people could be chefs, food critics, restaurant owners, or even individuals who simply enjoy cooking at home. Given how Instagram is a visual-centric application that thrives on interesting or beautifully captured photographs, posting good pictures on your feed is a sure-shot way of increasing traction.

If you are working on establishing yourself on Instagram, and want to read more about how to take delightful photos of food for your feed, go through the points mentioned below.

How to take better food photos on Instagram?

  • Natural light for the win

    The light used while clicking the photo can make or break the outcome. This is why the use of natural light is considered to be the best option. Natural light provides the object with the right amount of brightness and exposure, without ever becoming too harsh. It is a misconception that natural light does not offer options. How you place your food in natural light makes all the difference. A sunny day can provide illumination, while a cloudy day adds texture to your photos. The golden hour is the most sought-after period by most photographers. It is a time after sunrise and an hour before sunset that provides warm light.

If you are indoors, look for a brightly lit corner next to the windows in your home. You can use the curtains to control the exposure of the natural light. In case you are eating out, try and grab a window seat. You will find that pictures taken in natural light come out much better than the ones shot under indoor lights.

  • Focus on the food

    Many times, the biggest faux-pas by most people is not focusing on the object being photographed. The photographs are slightly blurred, which makes them unappealing. The other error made is placing too many things in the frame, which takes away the focus from the food item being shot. In both cases, it is better to take a moment and keep your camera steady before clicking the picture. One easy way to ensure that the camera is focusing on the food item is by focusing the lens on the centre point of the dish.
  • Compose the photograph

    Composing your food pictures on Instagram takes a lot more work than it would let on. Play around when you are clicking pictures, as it helps add character to your feed. Using basic photography concepts like the rule of thirds, or incorporating flat lays, is a great way to start. The idea is to make your pictures appealing, without the format being repetitive.

Another factor to keep in check is negative space. It can either make your photograph look empty or work in your advantage. Having negative space on your photograph is not a bad idea. If used properly, it can help create a clean space and bring simplicity to your photograph.  

  • Shoot using good equipment

    While most of the people are now shifting to using their camera phones, using a DSLR will always provide better results in comparison. Cameras have manual settings that allow you better control of the outcome. While phones are handy and always on you for taking pictures, cameras offer precision. For professionals and potential influencers, it is advised to invest in some basic photography equipment.
  • Reflectors to the rescue

    Reflectors help bounce off natural light into the dark corners of your frame. Beyond brightening up the object, the black side of the reflector can also help block excessive light. Playing around with light can bring about different outcomes, adding drama to your photo and illuminating it for a natural effect. Reflectors do not necessarily have to be expensive. You could use a foam board bought from the crafts store too.
  • Create a story

    Your Instagram food pics should relay a story. The elements used in each picture will help create interesting stories that will draw in your viewers. Start with the kind of picture you would want to shoot. For example, if you want the picture to look cosy or warm, you could add a book as a prop, along with warm light. Using props can help create associations. Storytelling is a great way to connect with your followers.
  • Add a personal touch

    A personal touch to your food photos is a great way to make your pictures interesting and unique. Small things such as photographing your hand holding a cookie or a coffee mug can make it seem personal. Similarly, birthday cakes with names on them or a short explanation of how you cook your barbeque feast, gives your followers an insight into your life, making your profile relatable. If you have company while clicking the pictures, try and include them in the frame for a scene change.
  • Try multiple angles

    Every dish cannot be shot from the same angle. To optimize, try different angles for different dishes. You could meet your plate at 30 to 45 degrees, or fill the frame with a close-up shot of the object. When in doubt, shoot from above or go in for a flat lay.
  • Play with colours

    The best part of shooting food is the variety of colours with each dish. Try playing around with colours as much as possible to make your feed attractive. Food with vivid colours add vibrancy and excitement. On the other hand, muted colours can bring out a softer photo.
  • Step away from the ordinary

    One of the easiest ways to ensure your food photo stands out from others is by shooting it differently. Being creative with your food and laying it out in an unusual way may help. Another way is using condiments, such as adding ketchup to write out a message. For the festive season, try stepping away from the use of traditional colours or props. Instead, portray the photo unexpectedly, that might not have been done by anyone else.
  • Use post-production editor

    Using a post-production editor helps you correct any shortcomings in your original picture. Not only does it help you sharpen the photo, but also corrects the white balance. Avoid using filters or tints that would make your food appear pink, blue or purple. Once you start editing your picture, ensure that you do not go overboard. This takes the result far from reality and can make your dish look unappetizing.


How to take food photos has always been a challenge for beginners. The easiest answer to this question is to experiment around with your photos. The challenge with clicking pictures of food is that it should look as appealing as it may taste.

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