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In the past few years, TikTok became wildly popular, proving that internet users love short-form video content. Users downloaded TikTok more than any other app in the first quarter of 2020, revealed Adweek1. And Instagram, never to be left behind when catering to audience demand, jumped into the bandwagon with Instagram Reels. It is Instagram’s short-form video-sharing feature.

Reels are 15-second video clips with music, text and stickers, doodles, and AR effects thrown into the mix. The Reels appear on the Explore page, getting your content in front of even those people who do not follow your brand. Thus, you can reach a new audience every time you post.

And 70% of users research brands2 on this social platform with videos getting 38% more engagement than static pictures3. Hence, an Instagram Reel video could be the ideal vehicle to increase your brand outreach.

How you can use Instagram Reels videos to grow your business.

1) Decide the storyboard and create content that appeals to your target audience

Promotions through Reels need the same approach as all other effective marketing strategies. Deliver value before you sell. As a business owner, you should aim at creating Instagram highlight reels that educate and entertain your future customers. 

Serve potential customers what they need. Establish trust before you ask them to buy from you.

You must understand your target demographics well to figure out topics that capture their interest. Design a storyline that conveys such content in an entertaining way.

For example, sharing tips relevant to your industry, three tips to be exact, seems to be a viable format. It showcases your expertise in your field. Also, step-by-step instructional videos fare very well on social media.

You can also use Reels to promote new products or show your users how to use your product through captivating tutorials.

2) Plan the look and feel of your Instagram Reel video in advance

Study your Explore tab to get inspirations from other posts. Instagram tutorials can help you identify the ideal positioning of stickers and gifs to improve your Reel’s visual appeal. 

3) Record a test Reel before publishing

Experiment with different Reel features – music, graphics, layering text, font style, and more, to understand which combination works best. You can also film and edit your video with video editing software and then use Reels features to add final touches. 

4) Leverage Instagram Reels to stand apart from the crowd

Observe how market leaders in your industry are making use of this tool. Here are some strategies you can explore:

  • Use background music and effects to create fun, engaging mini commercials. Show off your product from all angles and highlight all its features.
  • Insert catchy captions. 
  • Include your product identification to help viewers look it up on Google. 
  • Add scroll-stopping text and show the readers what they missed if their phone audio was turned off while your Reel played.
  • Encourage interactions by starting conversations in the comments section. Urge your viewers to tag friends who could benefit from the message you shared, or ask for their opinions.

5) Repurpose content from other sources to boost your storytelling style

Reels are fun, and the short duration ensures that viewers don’t lose interest before the video ends. Thus, these can lead to higher engagement rates. But until you master the art of grabbing viewers’ attention in 15 seconds, you can make use of the content you already have.

If your users make any videos on your product, share it to build credibility. 

If you have pre-recorded product demos, share them.

Share clips from videos you already posted on Facebook, Instagram Stories, or TikTok.

If you have a full-fledged video ad, edit it to highlight the key takeaway and use it as an Instagram Reels video.

6) Start new challenges

Social media challenges are all the rage these days. Leading brands have started challenges on TikTok to get more users to interact with them. For example, Sephora’s #sephorachallenge has more than 26 million views. The same tactics can be used in Reels too.

7) Use Instagram highlight reel

This tool can increase your reel views and gain more impressions for your business. Displayed at the top of your posts and below your profile, the highlight reel showcases your videos. Make sure your highlight reel has eye-catching colours and appropriate descriptions to catch eyeballs.

8) Inspire your audience by showcasing the “after” phase of buying your product

Your audience is at the “before” stage -before your products and service add value to their lives.

It would help if you focused on the after.

Feature your clients sharing reviews. Show your products or services in action, and the benefits users are getting from using them.

Showcase the end-result your prospects desire and lure them into becoming customers.

9) Take them behind the scenes and showcase your community to connect with your audience

People prefer to do business with people. And Instagram Reels can help you humanize your brand.

Give your audience glimpses on a typical day at your office. Make them insiders by showing them how your business operates. Show mistakes, goof-ups, even frustrations of failure. It will help them connect with your brand at a human level, and inspire loyalty.

Shine the spotlight on your employees. Share their experiences, the fun they have at work. Have them share their advice. Post stand-out moments on a workday, celebrate their successes, or birthdays. And make it fun with the Reels effects.

10) Capture the follower base of Influencers

Customer engagement is crucial for lifecycle marketing and customer retention. It can multiply your revenue. And Influencers, experts in relaying brand messages, can help with this objective. There’s no better way to channelize your brand’s image and the benefits of using your products than to use a voice of authority. Your influencers’ followers already adore them. What they share is likely to attract your potential customers more than your original Reels could.

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