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Every business is essentially show business. What this means is that without compelling stories to tell, a business – despite having visionary leadership, compelling offerings, and exceptional service – is trite. In today’s noisy marketing landscape, the way to stand out is through compelling brand narratives, and this is best established by creating videos.

The visual medium can communicate complex concepts with ease and can inspire audiences better. You can create snackable video content that is craved and consumed by time-starved audiences to convey the character of your brand.  

In this sense, to include video in any marketing strategy is imperative. What better platform to share these stories than YouTube, which is the largest video sharing service in the world?

However, if you are stuck with the question, “How to get views on YouTube videos?” then we are here to hand-hold you in your journey to YouTube stardom:  

How to Improve YouTube Views?

  1. Master Your Content

    The far-reaching fame of YouTube is attributed to the vast number of content creators who both entertain and engage with their viewers. Therefore, in this crowded landscape, the best way to improve YouTube views is by upgrading the quality of your content. It is this factor that undeniably reigns supreme in mastering the art of YouTube. If your video content is good, your viewers will do the heavy lifting of promoting it on your behalf.
    Creators are often conflicted with deciding upon the length of their videos and their viewing quality. However, the truth is that if your content is informative, and at the same time, engaging, then their duration and video quality hold little value.

Having said that, just underline some basics for shooting such as:

  • If you are shooting a face video, ensure good lighting and a clear audio quality
  • For a screen capture video, aim for a good resolution and
  • For a slideshow, create slides that are visually captivating and keep the text minimal

As for the ideas for your YouTube videos, stay updated with the current news, and it wouldn’t harm to harp on relevant trends. Most importantly, find your niche and create videos on which you are a subject matter expert, especially because YouTube is a search engine. Therefore, identify your target audience and start backwards.

  1. Optimise Your Videos

    The answer to how to gain YouTube views lies in SEO. The four things that you must focus on for optimisation are:
  • Metadata: The metadata includes everything that is textual on your channel, such as titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails. You need to think from your viewers’ perspective and create titles and tags that they would most probably search for. The description is for YouTube to understand what your video is about, so get meticulous in this section. Customise your thumbnails by creating something interesting for your viewers.  
  • Branding: Through visual branding, you can help your viewers identify you better. For this, customise your header image with relevant information such as how often you would post videos, and for the icon, use either your brand logo or a headshot.
  • Playlist: Organise similar videos and create playlists to keep your viewers engaged with your channel for longer.
  • User interaction: Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel and to like and share your videos. Also, interact with them through the comment section and pay heed to the feedback you might receive to improve and enhance your content.

While this might seem complicated initially, the process would ease out with practice. To assist you in your journey in enhancing your content quality, Amplifiers can help you oversee your impressions, click-throughs, lead generation, and conversion as soon as your video goes live.

  1. Consider YouTube Ads

    Although this might sound off-putting, if you are wondering about how to get views on YouTube videos, ads are a great way to help you garner the right audiences. This is especially because YouTube allows you to target your niche audience to ensure they find out about your video. You could opt for both instream as well as search listings’ ads as they can both help with attaining the desired reach.
    Additionally, promote your YouTube video on other social media handles. You could also share your video with influencers who might find it helpful. Don’t shy away from informing people about what you have to offer.
  1. Increase Your Subscriber Base

    It is important to focus on building a subscriber base as a simple answer to how to gain YouTube views. By encouraging viewers to subscribe, you automatically ensure reaching a wide audience base. To achieve this, be consistent with your content creation as it increases the chances of improving your subscriber count. If you are not active enough, people might not notice you.
  1. Add an End Screen

    End screens are what appear at the end of videos to wrap things up. Here is where you could endorse and place your CTA cards. They help convey the relevant information about your channel, and you can include other playlists and recommended videos along with your verified website to boost your views.
  1. Make Use of Cards

    YouTube cards appear on the top right corner of your videos and could be used to promote other relevant and lesser watched content. It is an easy way to capture the attention of your viewer without compromising on their viewing experience.
      1. Create a YouTube Trailer

        We often decide whether or not to watch a film based on its trailer. Similarly, YouTube trailers are a great way to prompt new visitors to subscribe to your channel. While there are no duration limits for these videos, most content creators limit it to 25 to 30 seconds. While creating a YouTube trailer, keep in mind the following tips:
      • Keep your introduction bold and interesting
    • Inform about what you do but keep it short
    • Show don’t tell by capturing your personality in your trailer
    • Optimise your branding by carefully selecting the background and the colours
    • End with a CTA
    1. Invite Guests

      Inviting interesting or relevant personalities can do wonders for boosting your YouTube views. It provides a chance to bounce off ideas and gain a fresh perspective in your area of expertise. Offer a link to your collaborator’s video in your description so you can create a relationship built on reciprocity.
    1. Build an Influencer community

      You might be an expert in your video content; however, engaging with members of the community is a great way to get more views on your channel. Becoming an influencer can be tiresome owing to the industry’s competitive nature. However, reaching out to the community of influencers can help with the promotion of your content, with members looking out for one another. Amplifiers is a robust platform that enables you to learn from industry experts via different mediums such as web series, training sessions, and webinars to help you reach out to others in your field.
    2. Transcribe Your Videos

      As YouTube is a global platform, language sometimes can become a barrier. It is a good idea to transcribe your videos, especially for the disabled and if you are planning on releasing your video in other international markets. YouTube allows for closed captions where a transcript is added as subtitles to a video.

    To wrap it up:

    Every journey begins with first trying to achieve excellence in your work. Success is a by-product of mastery over skills and not giving up in the face of adversity. Prioritise your content and use the mentioned tips to increase your YouTube audience base. To help you in your quest of how to gain YouTube views, Amplifiers is a great influencer platform that can assist with building a strong viewer base and provide influencers with the chance to access its vast content library.  

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