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Why is a tiny image so important for your video to gain recognition? Simply because the thumbnail for your video is equivalent to the cover of a book! Your viewers are drawn to click on your videos by gauging the thumbnail image used for them. For your videos to get their dues, using an irresistible video thumbnail is a great way ahead.

This article will discuss how to make a thumbnail for YouTube that will help your videos get more clicks and likes.

How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube?

  • Quality is key:
    As simple as its sounds, often YouTubers skip on maintaining quality control while creating a thumbnail for their videos. One of the main factors to keep in mind is the size of the image. The size varies depending on the platform, and to avoid a blurry image test your thumbnail against the size requirement of various platforms.
  • Close-up images are a better choice:
    In comparison between close-up shots and wide shots, for YouTube thumbnail, the former works better. That is because YouTube thumbnails images appear to be very small when viewed in your mobile phones. Wider shots make it difficult to grasp the entire content of the image.  
  • Include the title text in your thumbnail image:
    By adding title text on your video thumbnails, you are giving your viewers more context about your video. Try and keep your text concise and use keywords to describe the video. The descriptive text, along with a great photo, will surely work in your video’s advantage.
  • Select the ideal font:
    Selecting a font for your thumbnail is an important aspect of creating a custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos. Select a font that works best with the themes of your videos, i.e. formal fonts for serious videos and creative fonts for informal videos. It should be easy to read and should not be blurry when reflecting on a smaller screen.
  • Use contrasting colours:
    When you are using both text and a background image, the colour of the text comes into play. For your viewers to be able to read the text clearly, you need to create a contrast between the background image and text colour. To ensure harmony in the thumbnail, you need to use supporting colours, instead of random colours being put together.
  • Maintain brand consistency:
    Maintaining brand consistency across all your video thumbnails helps your followers spot your video from amongst a large collection of videos on YouTube. Additionally, you create a sense of familiarity, which works to your advantage. You can do so by zeroing onto certain brand colours and using similar fonts.
  • Show the main act of the video:
    You can add to your viewer’s curiosity by showing the main act of your video in your thumbnail. Not only does this help your viewers get a glimpse of what the video is about, but it also helps pique their interest. This tip especially works well for videos showing experiments.
  • Reveal the end results:
    Another image that can be used for your video thumbnail is the end result of your video. This can help grab your viewers’ attention. In particular, this tactic works well for cooking, make-up or other art videos. Do remember to use a close-up shot of the end result for better results.
  • Get action shots:
    Using your photo or another person’s photo in an action shot will draw people’s attention. An action shot can simply be your reaction to something that is a part of the video, or a dramatic mid-sentence shot.
  • Avoid misleading content:
    Lastly, do not mislead your viewer by using a different image and text on your thumbnail. Not only will this break the trust your followers have in you, but can also lead to your videos not being recommended by YouTube.


The custom thumbnail YouTube design is an equally important facet of creating a viral YouTube video, as is the content of the video itself. Hope this article guided you on how to make a thumbnail for your YouTube video, to get more clicks, resulting in making them viral.

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