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Every dollar spent on influencer marketing returns $5.78. No wonder iconic brands worldwide are allocating ad budgets in Instagram campaigns with influencers. Influencer marketing is the way to raise brand awareness, boost traffic to websites, and drive sales. But how do you know which campaign will click?

To find the answer, you can study Instagram brand campaigns by top brands. It can help you replicate such successful strategies to design your campaign. Here’s a compilation of campaigns on Instagram where leading brands collaborated with influencers with outstanding results.

1. Microsoft #MakeWhat’sNext

Microsoft teamed up with National Geographic to motivate girls to pursue STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). On International Women’s Day, National Geographic uploaded 30 photographs showing female scientists and adventure enthusiasts. The campaign struck 3.5 million likes within the day.

Takeaway: Instagram campaigns can uplift positive sentiment about your brand when used to raise awareness about pertinent issues. Also, creative collaborations with other brands, even those not in a similar niche, can prove fruitful.

2. Google @thesorrygirls

Google promoted its new Pixelbook laptop by partnering with micro-influencers @thesorrygirls. The Sorry Girls ran an Instagram giveaway contest urging their followers to comment. The users had to mention how Pixelbook aids in their success. The engagement rate skyrocketed to 59.4%.

Takeaway: Micro-influencers can bring in a high engagement quotient, and they are not just for small budget SMBs.

3. Audible @jessedriftwood

Amazon’s audiobook and Podcast Company teamed up with celebrated photographer Jesse Driftwood. He mentioned how Audible helped him learn more about productivity and business management.

Takeaway: Driftwood’s straightforward story suggested the tone of an authentic recommendation from a trusted friend, captivating consumer interests better than sales-oriented adverts.

4. Hilton “Seven Urban Wonders of the World”

Hilton tied up with travel micro-influencers to showcase tourist attractions and eateries within walking distance from seven Hilton locations worldwide. The user-generated content carried the @hiltonhotel tag and hashtags #SevenUrbanWonders and #RightHere and achieved a 5% engagement rate.

Takeaway: Catchy slogans, strategic hashtags, and carefully curated influencer teams yield attractive ROIs.

5. Gillette holiday campaign

Gillette was losing market share to new players in the industry. The veteran turned around with a holiday influencer Instagram advertising campaign Celebrities talked about family support. Father influencers spoke of father and son bonds and Gillette on-demand services. Also, female influencers used Gillette products as ideal holiday gifts for male relatives. The result was over 3% engagement rates.

Takeaway: Gift-giving seasons can be lucrative when over-commercialization is replaced with meaningful experiences.

6. Starbucks #RedCupContest

December brings Starbucks’ red cup campaign, asking followers to upload snapshots of their red cups and tag the brand. Posters get chances to win Starbucks gift cards. HubSpot claims that Starbucks has over 40,000 red cup photo posts on Instagram.

Takeaway: Contests with prizes for customers and using customers as influencers are surefire success shots.


Using a mix of macro and micro-influencers, the renowned beverage brand created 22 sponsored posts. Each post included the hashtag #ThisOnesFor, with the narrative around the person with whom the influencer would share a Coke. The campaign scored a 7.8% engagement rate.

Takeaway: A diverse influencer team and personal narratives create sizeable ROIs.

8. Sony #InstazoomZ5

Sony utilized Instagram to promote Xperia Z5 with the most powerful mobile phone camera, having a 5X zoom. The brand roped in 30 influencers to spread photos taken with Z5, uploaded on Sony’s Instagram accounts. Viewers could zoom in five times to look at five parts of the original image and find a secret code. The campaign led to 17 million potential leads.

Takeaway: The personal rapport influencers share with their audience can drive the success of competition-based Instagram campaigns.

9. Sephora #beautyuncomplicated

Unchaining beauty from complicated care regimes, makeup brand Sephora promoted its beauty products with multi-level influencers. The influencers linked to the brand website in the captions to their posts. Over 8.8M Instagram users connected with Sephora through this campaign.

Takeaway: Influencer marketing is incredible for boosting site visits.

10. Taco Bell #MakePotatoGreatAgain

Tanmay Bhatt’s sprinkling of humour boosted the buzz around the potato-based Crispy Potaco, attracting other notable influencers. Food bloggers on Instagram were also part of the campaign. #MakePotatoGreat created 24,522,245 impressions.

Takeaway: Your influencer need not be in your niche to generate the right buzz around your product.


Influencers’ authentic storytelling leads to higher brand exposure and increased engagement in Instagram brand campaigns. But assembling the right influencer team can be a challenge. Angel Amplifiers bypasses this obstacle through its progressive influencer marketing platform. Training influencers about investment, this platform helps spread awareness about stock trading. The influencers get robust technical support for content creation and campaign analysis, crafting innovative campaigns.

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