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In a day and age where social media has become an active part of our life, to the extent that it impacts our decisions, becoming an influencer is almost the next obvious step for most people. However, what separates one influencer from the other is the impact they wield over their followers. An influencer is someone who is considered an authority figure in their industry. They are known to have specialized knowledge and are credible sources in their niche segment. One of the most searched queries these days is ‘how to become a social media influencer’.

This article will discuss ten dynamic ways that will help you become a powerful influencer.

  • Professionalism to set the right tone:

    If you want to be taken seriously as an influencer, you have to take the role of being an influencer seriously. This means that you have to be a thorough professional when it comes to the job. Many people mistake the role of an influencer as all fun and games, whereas reality could not be far from it. Influencer marketing runs a lot deeper than simply posting content on social platforms and enjoying the perks of having many followers. It requires you to uphold yourself as a reliable professional when working with brands or collaborating with fellow influencers. You have to be mindful of the content you post while being creative and impactful. The key is to handle everything respectfully and conduct yourself in a way you would in any other workplace.
  • Good communication skills:

    Your communication skills will determine your success as an influencer. How you express your thoughts on a matter to your audience or communicate with the brands for an alliance will impact your image as an influencer. Social media influencers are considered masters of communication, and rightly so. Having strong communication skills will enable you to grow your audience and increase your online popularity.
  • Be creative with your content:

    Creativity used to develop and present your content is what sets your work apart from the other influencers. It is not necessary that you, as an influencer, need to have great artistic skills to make your content pop. However, you need to possess the ability to present your content in a way that it attracts a wider audience. Being creative in a manner that clicks with the audience is essential. You could be an average photographer, but an amazing storyteller. This creative factor will help you influence your audience and expand your reach. Influencer marketing platform Angel Amplifiers provides ready to use templates to its influencers that help push through times when you have a deadline and need the extra nudge to help your content pop.
  • Have an authentic approach:

    You may get caught up in the social media frenzy of portraying perfection. In times like these, it is important to remember that in the long run, authenticity triumphs perfection. Your exclusive stories and content should have an authentic touch that goes beyond what is being portrayed and helps the audience to know you better. It is also vital to be transparent about brand alliances and ensure that you are honest in your feedback. This will help you become a powerful influencer.
  • Consistency is key:

    As simple as it may sound, the foundation to a solid reputation as an influencer is being consistent. Consistency helps build trust with your followers, which in the end is one of the most important factors to maintain a strong connection with them. Most successful influencers will agree that their day-in-day-out efforts to show up with new and relevant content are what helped them grow their list of followers.
  • Build a personal rapport:

    Your posts on social media will often get likes and comments. As an influencer, you must reach out to your followers and connect with them on the comments they leave on your posts. In case their comments are questions around your content, it is good practice to reply with an answer. In case it is a general appreciation shown by them, the least you should do is ‘like’ their comments.
    You could also increase your engagement by asking them a question in your post and start a conversation with your audience on a topic around your scope of work. Another useful method is to take feedback on what kind of topics they would like you to take up in the future. Building a personal rapport with your audience will help you seem approachable, and hence solidify the trust they have in you as an influencer.
  • Create opportunities for others:

    As an influencer, one of the best things you can do is to create opportunities for others. When an individual chooses to follow you, not only are they doing so because they enjoy your content, but also because they feel a personal connection with you on some level. This personal connect is usually formed when, by the end of the day, there is something to take-away from what you are posting. It could be an opportunity to learn or an opportunity to grow as an individual. When you provide your followers with an occasion to help them achieve a personal or professional goal in life, they will choose to stay with you through your highs and lows.
  • Understand trends:

    Given the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the social media industry, it is vital to understand trends and keep up with them. Better still, if you could detect trends before other influencers or create a trend yourself, it will give you an edge. You can use trends to create fun and relevant content that will help grow your audience. It keeps your content relevant and boosts visibility.
  • Avoid sponsorship saturation:

    A major aspect of how to be an influencer includes getting to work with brands and landing sponsorship deals that help you earn your livelihood. However, if you have too many sponsorship posts in your feed, you may end up losing your engagement rate in the long run.
    A little known fact: Before reaching out to you, brands study your social posts and will avoid you if they find that you have reached your sponsorship saturation point.
  • Do not compromise on creative control:

    As a growing influencer, you may feel pressured by a brand, who would want to dictate the terms on how to create content around their products. However, you need to remember to be empathetic but also stand by your method of content creation. By giving up creative control for brand sponsorship, you may end up harming your image as an influencer.


A commonly searched query these days is ‘how to become an influencer’. The points mentioned in this article will help shape you into a powerful influencer and stand out from the crowd. The key rules to remember are to be a thorough professional and concentrate on the quality of your social media content.

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