What is Angel Amplifiers?

Angel Amplifiers is India’s leading marketing platform exclusively for social media influencers. If you are a content creator and influencer, who is willing to expand his/her audience base along with earning money, Angel Amplifiers is the perfect influencer marketing platform for you. Yes, it’s a tool to convert your passion into an earning opportunity.

Angel Amplifiers allows you to work directly with us on our platform and create videos about Angel Broking that could exhort Indian audience to understand the importance of investment in stock market and grow their wealth. This influencer marketing hub has been designed to enhance your professional skills and scale up your followers/subscribers apart from generating handsome revenue. The cherry on the cake is that it just takes less than 5 minutes to register on Angel Amplifiers. So, get started!

Know About Angel Amplifiers Influencer Hub

Angel Amplifiers - Benefits

Know About Angel Amplifiers Influencer Hub


You will paid for what you share with your viewers. Based on the content shared, revenue shall be generated and you can keep a track for the same.

Know About Angel Amplifiers Influencer Hub

Monetize your passion

Convert your passion into an opportunity. We strive to provide you with tools to scale up your content & expand your viewership

Know About Angel Amplifiers Influencer Hub

Professional Growth

It helps you boost your professional skills by connecting you with vast audience to curate informative videos. Join us and you will get an access to knowledge centre, meet industry experts & an arena to enhance your abilities.

How does it works?


Get Registered

Come join the league by registering yourself with Angel Amplifiers. The registration process would hardly take 5 minutes.


Choose the platform

Select the platform of your choice like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to get started.


Create your campaign and go live

Now create exciting new campaigns from the topics and go live to reach the right audience and inspire action.

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Approval May Take 3-4 Days

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Frequently Asked Question

Ans. Amplifiers Influencer program is a platform created by Angel Broking Ltd where the influencers from various social media platforms can get associated and work directly with us.
Ans. Yes, if you are an influencer and you have a subscriber/follower base of more than 500 then you can surely be a part of this program. Click here (LINK: https://bit.ly/2BaYesu) to download our app and be part of the influencer community
Ans. A influencer/content creator needs to be present on any of the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Instagram Reels, to be associated with us.
Ans. We started this platform so that the influencers can work directly with the us and reduce the timeline of content production & release.
Ans. Amplifiers is one of India’s first platform made with an objective to build an influencer community & spread investment education. It also aims to grow you as an influencer b connecting you with other influencers, meeting Industry experts in monthly webinars, access to knowledge tools, opportunities to meet Angel Broking Management & Key personnel

About Amplifiers

Angel Amplifiers is first-of-its-kind marketing platform for social media influencers, who are looking forward to increase their audience base along with generating money. We believe that earning money is important but creating wealth is what we all must aspire for. And one of the finest ways to do it is through investing in the stock market. We give you the opportunity to become a creator with Angel Broking and share our investment stories with your audience so that they get the best stock market advice and recommendations. In addition, you get to work directly with us (there are no intermediaries). If you are an influencer on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or just fancy tweeting Angel Broking is the best influencer marketing platform for you. Together, we could create remarkable content to educate customers about the importance of stock market investment along with the sharing product stories, benefits, facts and other information in a way that nobody else can. Our customer base is a proverbial ‘melting pot’ that has huge diversity when it comes to age group, occupation, location, and language. We see you as an ideal partner to make this a strong and reliable connection. So what are you waiting for? Begin this amazing journey by joining the elite group of influencers community and get ready to propel our networks together.

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